Dr James

Dr James Leibold

Associate Professor, Convener, Politics Major

College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce

Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of Politics and Philosophy

SS 305, Melbourne (Bundoora)


BA East Asian Studies (Wittenberg University), MA East Asian Studies (Washington University), PhD Chinese history (University of Southern California).



Membership of professional associations

Association of Asian Studies; Australian Association of Asian Studies; Chinese Studies Association of Australia; Executive Editor, Asian Ethnicity; Member, La Trobe University Curriculum Renewal Taskforce, 2008.

Area of study

Asian Studies

Brief profile

Dr Leibold has research expertise on the politics of ethnicity, race and national identity in modern Chinese history and society, and is currently engaged in research on ethnic policies and conflict in contemporary China with a particular focus on the Uyghur and Tibetan communities of Western China. He is the author and co-editor of four books and over twenty-five peer-reviewed articles and book chapters, and a frequent contributor to the international media on these topics. He is the lead Chief Investigation on a Australia Reseach Council Discovery Project (DP180101651) on "Urbanising Western China: Nation-building on the Sino-Tibetan Frontier" with Associate Professor Benjamin Hillman (ANU), and Dr Gerald Roche (University of Melbourne). Dr Leibold lecturers on the history and contemporary politics of modern China in the Politics, International Relations and Asian Studies programs at La Trobe. 

Research interests

Asian History

- Please contact me to discuss a topic.

Government and Politics of Asia and the Pacific

- Ethnic policy, ethnic relations and ethnic conflict in Asia, and Australia-Asia relations

Language and Culture in Society

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Teaching units

  • AST1ICI - Introduction to Asia: China and India.
  • POL2NAS - Nations and States.
  • POL3CIW - China in the world: A re-emerging superpower?
  • POL3INR - New Authoritarian Empires: Russia, China and the Politics of Eurasia
  • POL1AUP - Introduction to Politics: Democracies and Dictatorships

Recent publications




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  • Leibold, J. and Danielle Xiaodan Deng (2016) "Segregated Diversity: Uyghur Residential Patterns in Xinjiang, China," in Inside Xinjiang: Space, Place and Power in China's Muslim Far Northwest, eds Anna Hayes and Michael Clarke, pp 122-48 (London: Routledge).
  • Leibold, J. and Chen Yangbin (2014) "Introduction: Minority Education in China: Balancing Unity and Diversity in an Era of Critical Pluralism," in Minority Education in China: Balancing Unity and Diversity in an Era of Critical Pluralism, eds. James Leibold and Chen Yangbin, pp. 1-24 (Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press).
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  • Leibold, J. (2003) 'Rethinking Kuomintang National Minority Policy: The National Question and Regional Warlordism on the Early 20th Century Chinese Frontier'. In Cindy Yik-Yi Chu and Ricardo K.S. Mak (eds) China Reconstructs, Lanham, Maryland: University Press of America, pp.103-24 (Preprint pdf or published version)



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  • Expert Assessor for the Australian Research Council (ARC) on Discovery projects related to both modern Chinese history and contemporary politics, 2011
  • Expert Assessor for the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) of Canada in modern Chinese history, 2010
  • Invited to review book manuscripts for Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, University of British Columbia Press, Palgrave Macmillian
  • Invited to review article manuscript for The China Journal, Modern China, Twentieth Century China, The Journal of Asian Studies, etc.
  • China book Review editor and then Regional Editor of Asian Studies Review
  • La Trobe University Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning, 2008.