Professor Harry

Professor Harry Aveling

Adjunct Professor

College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce

SS 317,


PhD, Malay Literature, National University of Singapore; DCA, Creative Writing, University of Technology, Sydney; M Ed, Multi-cultural Studies, University of New England; STM, Spirituality, Wollaston Anglican Theological College; MAppLing, Translation Studies, Newcastle.



Area of study

Asian Studies

Brief profile

Following his retirement at the end of 2008, Harry Aveling was appointed to an Adjunct Professorship in the School of Social Sciences.

Professor Aveling specialises in Indonesian and Malay literature, and Translation Studies. Besides his critical studies, he has translated extensively from Indonesian and Malay, from Vietnamese Francophone writing, and also co-translated from Hindi. In 1991 he was awarded the Anugerah Pengembangan Sastera by the Federation of Malay Writers Associations (GAPENA) for his contributions to the international recognition of Malay literature.

Among his major translations are Secrets Need Words: Indonesian Poetry 1966-1998 (Ohio University Press 2001), short listed for the NSW Premier's Translation Prize 2003, and Saint Rosa: Selected Verse of Dorothea Rosa Herliany (IndonesiaTera 2005), winner of the Khatulistiwa Prize for Poetry, Jakarta 2006. He is the author, with Teri Yamada, of the entry on Southeast Asian Translation Traditions in the Routledge Encyclopedia of Translation Studies, 2009.

Harry Aveling has held the rank of Adjunct Professor of Southeast Asian Literature at Ohio University since 2002 and was a Distinguished Visiting Professor during Spring Quarter, 2011. In 2006 and 2007 he served as Visiting Professor of Translation Studies at the University of Indonesia. He was a Member of the Doctoral Studies Committee for the Faculty of English Linguistics and Literature, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and taught there in 2008 and 2009. In late 2010, he taught in the Graduate School of Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Harry Aveling is a Fellow of the Stockholm Collegium for World Literary History, Stockholm University, representing island Southeast Asia. He was President of the Australian Association for Literary Translation, 2005-2008, and is currently Immediate Past President of the Malaysia and Singapore Society, a regional subgroup of the Asian Studies Association of Australia.

Recent publications


  • Aveling, H. and Peter Friedlander (trans.) (2014) Charandas: Treasury of Devotion, Prestige, New Delhi.
  • Aveling, H. (2013) Dorothea Rosa Herliany: Cuma Tubuh Cuma Tubuh, A Body Only A Body, Penerbit Waktoe, Borabudur, Magelang.
  • Aveling, H. and Razif Bahari (trans.) (2013) Liaw Yock Fang: A History of Classical Malay Literature, Yayasan Obor, Jakarta/ISEAS, Singapore.
  • Aveling, H. and Dewi Candraningrum. (trans.) (2013) Cecap Syamsul Hari: 100 Selected Poems, Sastra Digital, Cimahi.
  • Aveling, H. (trans.) (2012) Iwan Simatupang: Drought, Lontar Foundation, Jakarta.
  • Aveling, H. (trans.) (2011) Iwan Simatupang: The Pilgrim, Lontar Foundation, Jakarta.
  • Aveling, H. (ed. and trans.) (2011) Goenawan Mohamad: The 'Culture Manifesto' Affair revisited: literature and politics in Indonesia in the 1960s, a signatory's view, Working Paper 134, Centre for Southeast Asian Studies, Monash University, Clayton.
  • Aveling, H. (trans) (2011) Dewi Lestari: Supernova, Lontar, Jakarta.
  • Aveling, H. (trans.) (2011) Classical Vietnamese Legends, Prestige, New Delhi.
  • Aveling, H. (ed.) (2010) Thorns in Dreams, The Gioi Publishers, Hanoi.
  • Aveling, H. (ed.) (2008) Rainbow: 18 Indonesian Women Poets, Jogjakarta, Indonesia.
  • Aveling, H. (ed.) (2008) A. Ghafar Ibrahim: Takkan Hilang, Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, Kuala Lumpur.
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  • Aveling, H. (trans.) (2005) Abdul Ghafar Ibrahim: Ahhh ..., Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, Kuala Lumpur.
  • Aveling, H. (trans.) (2005) Dorothea Rosa Herliany: Santa Rosa, Indonesia Tera, Magelang.
  • Aveling, H. (with Peter Friedlander) (2005) Daya Bai: The Songs of Daya Bai, Prestige, New Delhi.
  • Aveling, H. (trans.) (2004) Dorothea Rosa Herliany: Life Sentences: Selected Poems, IndonesiaTera, Magelang.
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  • Aveling, H. (2000) Shahnon Ahmad: Islam, Power and Gender, UKM Press, Bangi.
  • Aveling, H. (trans.) (with Sudha Joshi) (2000) Osho Rajneeesh: The Last Morning Star, Songs of Daya Bai, Rebel Foundation, Poona.
  • Aveling, H. (1999) Osho Rajneesh and His Disciples (ed.), Motilal Barnasidass, New Delhi.

Reports and Monographs

  • Aveling, H. (2002) 'Finding Words for Secrets: Reflections on the Translation of Indonesian Poetry', Centre of Southeast Asian Studies Working Papers Series, No.116, Monash Asia Institute, Monash University, Clayton.
  • Aveling, H. (with Ian Carruthers) (2001) 'Performing Shakespeare in Asia', Asian Studies Papers, Research Series, No.9, La Trobe University.

Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

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Research projects


  • The works of Isa Kamari
  • The Death of Abimanyu in Indonesian and Malay Literature

Completed 2013:

  1. The Poetry of Charandas (with Peter Friedlander)

Completed 2012:

  1. Translation of A History of Classical Malay Literature by Liaw Yock Fang (With Razif Bahari)

Completed 2011:

  • Literary History of Southeast Asia and the Pacific Ocean

Completed 2010:

  • Goenawan Mohamad and the ‘Manikebu Affair’
  • Francophone Vietnamese Literature, Duong Thu Huong

Completed 2009:

  • Indonesian Translation Traditions
  • Francophone Vietnamese Literature, Pham Duy Khiem.

Completed 2008:

  • Southeast Asian Translation Traditions
  • Indonesian Poetry by Women Authors

Completed 2007:

  • Marina La Malinche in the Works of Kim Lefevre and Laura Esquivel
  • Culture Research in the Recent Works of Itamar Even-Zohar

Completed 2006:

  • Various papers on Translation Theory
  • Translation of works by Pham Duy Khiem

Completed 2005:

  • Various papers on Translation Theory
  • Translation of the Recent Poetry of Dorothea Rosa Herliany
  • The Poetry of Daya Bai (with Peter Friedlander)