Mr Elliot

Mr Elliot Howard


College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce

Visual Arts Building Rm 2.21, Bendigo


BA(Hons) Fine Art, Sheffield Hallam University, MA Contemporary Art Theory, London (Goldsmiths College)



Area of study

Creative Arts
Fine Arts

Brief profile

Elliot Howard studied Fine Art (Sheffield Hallam University) and Contemporary Art Theory (Goldsmiths, London).  He has taught art/design history/theory at Kingston University, London, University of Melbourne and RMIT. He has exbited in the UK, Australia and internationally.

Elliot Howard’s current research focuses on making artworks and installations produced both by himself and in collaboration with the artist Bruce Mowson.  These works may be used and experienced by viewers or passers by, either in conventional galleries or in other urban contexts. Howard has an interest in art theory and continental philosophy, critical spatial practices, processes of globalisation and cinema. Certain concepts and experiences that emerge from those practices are used and tested in and around the production and experience of the artworks.  These concepts and experiences may vary from models of affect and subjectivity, apparatuses of control, the exercise of power, or the cinematic edit.  The artworks and installations form complex material assemblages that may be understood in relation to those concepts and experiences or to one side of them.

In past research Howard looked at the work of Japanese film actor and director Takeshi Kitano, proposing the film, Sonatine, 1993, acted as Deleuze & Guattarian War-Machine.  This work focused on the relationship between film violence and doing violence to film, stillness, movement and acceleration, and a particular cinematic edit found in Kitano’s work.




Research interests

Art Theory

- The relationship between contemporary art theory and practice

Fine Arts

- Contemporary visual arts practice

- Spatial practice found in recent art, design and research architecture

Teaching units

  • VPA1VC1 – Visual and Material Culture 1
  • VPA1VC2 – Visual and Material Culture 2 
  • VPA2CT1 - Cultural & Theoretical Studies 1
  • VPA2CT2 - Cultural & Theoretical Studies 2
  • VPA4RVA - Research Methods 1 (honours)
  • VPA4RVB - Research Methods 2 (honours)

Recent publications


  • 2016 - Exhibition (with Bruce Mowson), The Gold Works, as part of the Festival of Live Art, Arts House, Melbourne
  • 2015 - Exhibition (with Bruce Mowson), Revolutionary Monument, MoreArt 2015, Melbourne
  • 2015 - Exhibition, B, B, B, Office, in Informed Dissent, curated by Michael Brennan, Phyllis Palmer Gallery, Bendigo
  • 2015 - Exhibition (with Bruce Mowson), Mobile Fringed Viewer, as part of The Performance Arcade, Wellington, New Zealand
  • 2014 - Exhibition (with Bruce Mowson), Arc De Brunswick (a spangle of aesthetic experience), as part of re::set's Trainspotters INC/MoreArt 2014
  • 2013 - Exhibition (with Bruce Mowson), The Listening vs. Striles of Ming, La Trobe University's VAC, Bendigo
  • 2013 - Exhibition, The Frog, as part of Drawing in Space (curated by Stephen Turpie), Phylis Palmer Gallery, La Trobe University, Bendigo
  • 2012 - Exhibition, I'm Sonald Dutherland, text work published in Beat Magazine, as part of A Transcendental Fissure in the Immanent Fabric of Things, curated by Bruce Mowson, City of Melbourne
  • 2011 - Exhibition, Participation in Wintertime, as part of the Kar Rama Motel Project and Mildura Palimpsest #8: collaborators and saboteurs, curated by Kristian Haggblom
  • 2009 - Exhibition curation (with Elizabeth Presa, VCA/Uni Melb): Journey to the Surface of the Earth, Domain House, Botanical Gardens, Melbourne
  • 2009 - Exhibition, Tometimes Taughter Lounds Sike Fears, in Journey to the Surface of the Earth, Domain House, Melbourne
  • 2009 - Exhibition, Unwanted Artwork Collector (very low version), in Creative Imperatives, (Group exhibition 21 artist) Phyllis Palmer Gallery, Latrobe University

Older publications

  • 2004 - Film Festival, Hostage (video 13mins), as part of Portobello Film Festival, London
  • 2004 - Exhibition, Spentish (video 1min), as part of the 60 Second Show, 291 Gallery, London
  • 2000 - Exhibition curation and exhibited work, Cast by Inertia/The Dorsal Fin, W139 Gallery, and Bijenkorf car park, Amsterdam
  • 2000 - Exhibition, Californium, Medcalf Gallery, London
  •  1998 - Exhibitioin, -lo caust glostrophobic slof, KO Raw Gallery, London
  • 1997 - Exhibition, Polar Slits, Metro Cinema, London