Dr Catherine Heather

Dr Catherine Heather Padmore

Senior lecturer

College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce

Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of Creative Arts and English

Humanities 2, room 517, Melbourne (Bundoora)


BA Hons (LaTrobe), PhD (Deakin).



Membership of professional associations

Australasian Association of Writing Programs. Australian & New Zealand Association for Medieval & Early Modern Studies. Australian Society of Authors. Historical Novel Society. MLA. Varuna Alumni Association. Writers Victoria.

Area of study

Creative Arts
Creative Writing

Brief profile

Dr Catherine Padmore was awarded her PhD in creative writing in 2002, and she has taught literary studies and creative writing at La Trobe since 2005. Her first novel, Sibyl’s Cave (Allen and Unwin, 2004) was shortlisted for The Australian/Vogel Award and commended in the first book category of The Commonwealth Writers’ Prize (south-east Asia and south Pacific region). Catherine has been awarded two retreat fellowships at Varuna, the Writers’ House, and in 2014 she was short-listed for their Publisher Introduction Program.  She has novels-in-progress about Amy Dudley and Levina Teerlinc. Her short creative works have been published in Island, The Journal of Australian Writers and Writing, The Big Issue, The Australian, Dotlit, Antithesis and in the anthology Reflecting on Melbourne (Poetica Christi, 2009). Catherine’s scholarly work has been published in Australian Literary Studies, TEXT, JASAL, Life Writing and Lateral, with chapters in Telling Stories: Australian Life and Literature 1935-2012 (MUP, 2013) and Expanding the Canon of Early Modern Women’s Writing (CSP, 2010).

Research interests

Creative Writing

- Fiction writing

- Historical fiction and biographical fiction

- Women's writing

Literary Studies

- Fiction writing

- Historical fiction and biographical fiction

- Women's writing

Teaching units

  • CRA1PWR – Professional Writing
  • ENG2WFI – Writing Fiction
  • ENG4CAL – Contemporary Approaches to Literature

Recent publications


  • Padmore, C 2004, Sibyl's Cave, Allen and Unwin, Crows Nest (N.S.W.).

Book chapters

  • Padmore, C (forthcoming 2017), ‘The Tudor paintrix in contemporary historical biofictions’, in D Baker, DL Brien & N Sulway (eds), Forgotten Lives: Recovering History through Fact and Fiction.
  • Padmore, C 2013, ‘Scaling the rock: Joan Lindsay’s Picnic at Hanging Rock’, in P Genoni & T Dalziell (eds), Telling stories: Australian life and literature 1935-2012, MUP, Melbourne, pp. 274-280.
  • Padmore, C 2010, ‘Of “myne owne awtoryte”: On Amy Dudley’s letters’, in P Salzman (ed.), Expanding the canon of early modern women's writing, Cambridge Scholars Press, Cambridge, pp. 66-83.

Refereed articles

  • Padmore, C (forthcoming 2017), ‘The paradox of writing the dead: Voice, empathy and authenticity in historical biofictions’, Writing in Practice , 3, pp. TBC.
  • Padmore, C 2009, ‘Telling home stories’, Life Writing, vol. 6, no. 2, pp. 267-278.
  • Padmore, C 2009, ’Writing “Amye Duddley”: seeking clues in books, bones and stones’, TEXT: Journal of the Australian Association of Writing Programs, Special Issue No. 5: Proceedings of the Art of the Real: National Creative Non-fiction Conference, Newcastle University, May 2008.
  • Padmore, C 2008, 'Future tense: Dead Europe and viral anti-Semitism', Australian Literary Studies vol. 23, no. 4, pp. 434-445.
  • Padmore C 2008, ‘What does fiction do?: On Dead Europe, ethics and aesthetics’ [interview with Christos Tsiolkas], Australian Literary Studies, vol. 23, no. 4, pp. 446-462.
  • Padmore, C 2007, ‘Blood and land and ghosts: Haunting words in Christos Tsiolkas's Dead Europe’, JASAL: The Journal of the Association for the Study of Australian Literature, Spectres, Screens, Shadows, Mirrors: JASAL Special Issue, pp. 52-64.
  • Padmore, C 2006, ‘Fragmented and entwined: Migration stories in Sibyl’s Cave and other Australian fiction’, JASAL: The Journal of the Association for the Study of Australian Literature, vol. 5, pp. 25-38.

Short creative works

  • Padmore, C (forthcoming 2017), ‘Sunshine on my shoulders’, in S Wynne (ed), Samoa Observer Anthology, pp. TBC.
  • Padmore, C (forthcoming), ‘Innovations’, in G Mercer and T Whitebeach (eds), The Sky Falls Down: A Book of Loss, pp. TBC.
  • Padmore, C 2015 (2015), ‘Man walking’, in Grieve 2015 Writing Anthology, Hunter Writers’ Centre, Newcastle, p. 34.
  • Padmore, C & Lyssiotis, P 2010, ‘Walking in new places’, Journal of Australian Writers and Writing, no. 1,  
  • Padmore, C 2009, ‘Preludes (to a train rhythm)’, in J Fernando & J Sietzma-Dickson (eds), Reflecting on Melbourne, Poetica Christi Press, Melbourne, p. 120.
  • Padmore, C 2009, ‘When the writing's on the wall’, The Big Issue, no. 329 (19 May-1 June), p. 29.
  • Padmore, C 2008, 'Relentless light', Island, no. 112, pp. 43-48.
  • Padmore, C 2008, 'This (composting) life', The Australian, 27 December, p. 2 (Review supplement)

Older publications

Refereed articles

Short creative works

  • Padmore, C 2002, ‘Water Therapy’, DotLit: The Online Journal of Creative Writing, vol. 3, no. 1.
  • Padmore, C 2001, ‘She must have crawled out’, The Weekend Australian, 22-23 September, p. 13 (Review supplement).
  • Padmore, C 1998, ‘Venus Rising’, Antithesis 9, pp. 159-164.

Research projects

  •  Novels-in-progress about the Elizabethan women Amy Dudley and Levina Teerlinc.