Dr Carolyn

Dr Carolyn D'Cruz

Senior Lecturer, Program Convenor

College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce

Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of Politics and Philosophy

SS 306, Melbourne (Bundoora)


BA (Curtin), Hons (Murdoch), PhD (Murdoch).



Membership of professional associations

Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy; Australian Women’s and Gender Studies Association; Australian Critical Race and Whiteness Studies Association

Area of study

Sexuality and Diversity Studies

Brief profile

Carolyn has been working in gender, sexuality and diversity studies since 2007. She is author of Identity politics in deconstruction: Calculating with the incalculable and is co-editor of the anthology, After homosexual: The legacies of gay liberation.

Research interests

Art Theory

- Social semiotics

Gender, Culture, Sexuality

- Identity and diversity

Literary Studies

- Life writing

Political Theory and Political Philosophy

- Continental philosophy

- Democracy and diversity

- Social movements

- Theory and practice

Teaching units

GSD1SGI –  Sex, Gender and Identity

GSD2SGD – Sex Gender Diversity

GSD3DDD – Diversity, Democracy, Dissent

GSD4COR – Interdisciplinary debates in Gender Sexuality and Diversioty Studies

Recent publications

  • D'Cruz, C. 2014. 'Commemorating homosexual: Rethinking experience and the disaffected through the legacies of the gay liberation movement sexualities 17 (3), 291-309.
  • D'Cruz, C and Pendleton, M. (eds) 2013. After homosexual: The legacies of gay liberation, UWA Press.
  • C D'Cruz. G D'Cruz, 2013. 'Even the ghost was more than one person': Hauntology and authenticity in Todd Haynes' I'm not there film-philosophy 17 (1), 315-330.
  • C. D'Cruz and J. Flore, 2013. Carolyn D'Cruz, in conversation, writing from below, volume 1, 2.
  • D'Cruz, C. 2012. Taking responsbility for gender sexuality and diversity studies, outskirts: Feminisms along the edge, volume 27, November.
  • D'Cruz, C. 2011 "Derrida’s Nietzsche”  in A. Woodward (ed.) Interpreting Nietzsche, Continuum, New York.
  • Chanock, C. D'Cruz, C. and Bisset, D, 2009. 'Would you like grammar with that?', Journal of Academic Language and Learning, 3(2): 1-12.
  • D'Cruz, C 2008. Identity politics in deconstruction: Calculating with the incalculable, Ashgate Publishing, UK.
  • D'Cruz, C and D’Cruz, G 2008. 'The body of Christ: Blasphemy as a necessary transgression?', Negotiating the sacred II: Blasphemy and sacrilege in the arts, ANU ePress.

Older publications

  • D'Cruz, C and D’Cruz, G 2007. 'Public narratives, minority voices: Re-cognising Anglo-Indians in Cotton Mary', Life writing, special issue, ‘Mixed race, hybrid, transnational: Writing lives in national and global frames’, 4(1): 111-122.
  • D'Cruz, C 2006. 'Adjusting the tone of Marxism: A hauntological promise for a democracy-to-come', Contretemps: An online Journal of Philosophy, January.
  • D'Cruz, C. 2001. 'What matter who’s Speaking? Authenticity and identity in discourses of Aboriginality in Australia', Jouvert: A Journal of Postcolonial Studies, 5(3).
  • D'Cruz, C 1996. 'Responding to a heritage: Justice, deconstruction and "injunctions of Marx"', Social Semiotics, 6(2): 159-178.