Dr Anthony Robert

Dr Anthony Robert Jukes

Australian Postdoctoral Fellow

College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce

CRLD Building (NR6), Room 224, Melbourne (Bundoora)

Research centres

Centre for Research on Language Diversity


MA (University of Melbourne), PhD (University of Melbourne).



Membership of professional associations

Resource Network for Linguistic Diversity, Foundation for Endangered Languages.

Area of study


Brief profile

Dr Anthony Jukes began his career conducting linguistic research on languages of Sulawesi, Indonesia. His PhD thesis (University of Melbourne, 2006) is a reference grammar of Makassarese (South Sulawesi), with special attention to the literary genre contained in manuscripts written in an obsolete local script. Between 2005 and 2007 Anthony was a post-doctoral research fellow at the School of Oriental and African Studies, UK, supported by the Endangered Languages Documentation Programme. His research project was to document and describe Toratán (Ratahan), a highly endangered language spoken by about 150 people in a handful of villages located in North Sulawesi. Anthony has been involved in training for language documentation in the UK, Indonesia, and Japan.

Anthony is currently an Australian Postdoctoral Fellow and Chief Investigator of an Australian Research Council funded Discovery Project 'The languages of Minahasa: documentation, description, and support'. This project, running 2011-2015, aims to document and describe several of the endangered languages of North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Most of the languages of this area (one of the few majority-Christian areas of Indonesia), as well as their distinctive ethnic cultures, are under pressure from Manado Malay as well as mainstream Indonesian language and culture.

Research interests

Indonesian Languages

- languages and cultures of Sulawesi

- local varieties of Indonesian

Language documentation

- language endangerment

- linguistic and ethnographic archiving

- technology and language documentation

Linguistic typology

- agreement systems

- descriptive morphology and syntax

- directionals and deictics

Recent publications

  • Jukes (in press). ‘Aspectual and modal clitics in Makassarese and Makassar Indonesian’. NUSA 55.
  • Jukes (2013).’ Voice, Valence and Focus in Makassarese’. NUSA 54.
  • Jukes (2011). ‘Researcher Training and Capacity Development’. In P.K. Austin and J. Sallabank (eds ). The Cambridge Handbook of Endangered Languages. Cambridge: CUP.
  • Jukes (2011). ‘Culture documentation and linguistic stimulus’. In N. Thieberger et al (eds) Sustainable data from digital research. Melbourne: University of Melbourne.

Research projects