Professor Andrew

Professor Andrew Brennan

Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, Ombudsman

College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce

Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of Politics and Philosophy

PE 136, Melbourne (Bundoora)


MA(St And.), MA(Calgary), B.Phil.(Oxf.)



Area of study


Brief profile

Professor Brennan is the author, co-author or editor of 6 books and more than 90 journal articles and book chapters, covering environmental ethics, philosophy of mind, philosophical logic, history of science and animal ethics.  He has also received grants from the Australian Research Council, and has been a collaborating investigator on projects funded by the Norwegian Research Council and the City University of Hong Kong.  With Norva Y.S. Lo, he is co-author of the standard reference work, and most widely downloaded resource, in environmental ethics, see .

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Teaching units

Before his retirement Professor Brennan taught in a variety of areas including logic, twentieth-century philosophy and environmental ethics.

Recent publications


  • Logic: Key Concepts.   London: Continuum International, 2005, 200 pages. Portuguese translation 2007 (Lógica Conceitos Chave Em Filosofia), Spanish 2008 (Lógica : conceptos clave en filosofía), co-authors L. Goldstein, M. Deutsch, J. Lau
  • Thinking About Nature, London, Routledge. 2014. 229 pages.  
  • Understanding Environmental Philosophy. 227 pages + index.  London: Routledge, 2014 (co-author Y. S. Lo)   

Articles and chapters

  • 2016   forthcoming   ‘Environmental Philosophy’, in Pritchard, D. (ed.), Oxford Bibliographies Online.  Oxford University Press.  Co-Author Y.S. Lo.
  • 2016  forthcoming   ‘Populations and the Environment’, in Schmidtz, D. (ed), Philosophy: Environmental Ethics, in the series Macmillan Interdisciplinary Handbooks.  Co-author Y.S. Lo.
  • ‘The Descent of Theory’, ch. 1 of Bala, A. and Duara, P. (eds.) The Bright Dark Ages: Comparative and Connective Perspectives, Leiden: Brill, 2016, 21 – 39. Co-author Y.S. Lo  
  • Chapter 30: ‘Biodiversity’.  In Routledge Handbook of Global Ethics, Moellendorf, D. and Widdows, H. (eds).  London: Routledge, 2015.  416 – 27.   Co-author Y.S. Lo.
  • IPCC 5th Assessment report. 2014.  Kolstad C, Urama K, Broome J, Bruvoll A, Olvera MC, Fullerton D, Gollier C, Hanemann WM, Hassan R, et al. ‘Social, Economic, and Ethical Concepts and Methods’. In Climate Change 2014: Mitigation of Climate Change. Contribution of Working Group III.  (Corresponding author)
  • Gray R., Brennan A., Malpas J. ‘New accounts: Towards a reframing of social accounting’. Accounting Forum 2014, 38(4): 258-273
  • ‘‘The Last Man" (with Y. S. Lo), in Huss, J.  Planet of the Apes and Philosophy:  Great Apes Think Alike.  Chicago: Open Court 2013. 265 – 77.
  • ‘Science, Civilization and Technology Reconsidered’, in Bala, A. (ed.) Asia-Europe Dialogue in the Making of Modern Science, London: Palgrave, 2012,  187 – 203.
  • ‘Forgiveness: an heroic journey’, co-author, Y. S. Lo, in Lickiss N. and J. Malpas (eds.) Perspectives on Human Suffering, Dordrecht: Springer 2012. 79 – 97.
  • ‘The Space of Appearance and the Space of Truth’, co-author J. Malpas, in Yeatman, A. C.,  Barbour, C., Hansen, P. and Zolkos, M. (eds) Action and Appearance: Explorations in Hannah Arendt, London: Continuum,2011: 39 – 52.
  • ‘Philistines, Barbarians and the Death of Intellect’,  in Oppy, G. and Trakakis, N. (eds.) The Antipodean Philosopher.  Plymouth: Lexington Books, 2011. 25 – 38.
  • ‘Two global Crises: Ethics Renewal and Governance Reform’, co-author Y S Lo, in Nanda, Ved P. (ed.), Climate Change and Environmental Ethics.  New Brunswick: Transaction Publishers, 2011, 123 – 42.
  • ‘Chinese Worldviews and Environmental Attitudes’, co-authors J. Lai, Y. S. Lo, in Proceedings of the First International Conference on Psychology and Social Harmony (CPSH), Scientific Research Publishing, 2011 242 – 250.
  • ‘Who Legislates the Truth? – science, organizational governance and democratic decision-making’, co-author Jeff Malpas, Public Affairs Quarterly 2010: 24: 79 – 93.
  • ‘Chapter 63: The Environment’, co-author Y. S. Lo, in J. Skorupski (ed.), The Routledge Companion to Ethics, London: Routledge 2010

Older publications


  • Conditions of Identity, Oxford, Clarendon Press, and New York, Oxford University Press, 1988.
  • Philosophical Dialogues: Arne Næss and the Progress of Ecophilosophy (edited, with Nina Witoszek), New York, Rowman and Littlefield, 1999.

Articles and chapters

  •  ‘Environmental Philosophy: V. Contemporary Philosophy’, in Callicott, J. B. and Frodeman, R. (eds.)  Encyclopedia of Environmental Ethics and Philosophy, New York: Macmillan, 2009, volume 1, 372 – 81. 
  • ‘Two Conceptions of Dignity: Honour and Self-Determination’, co-author Y. S. Lo, in Malpas, Jeff, and Norelle Lickiss, (eds.)  The Idea of Human Dignity, Dordrecht: Springer, 2007, 43 - 58
  •  ‘Autonomy and Interdependence: a Dialogue Between Liberalism and Confucianism’, co-author Ruiping Fan, Journal of Social Philosophy, 38(2006): 511 – 535.
  • ‘Globalisation and the Environment: Endgame or New Renaissance?’ in Paavola, J. and Lowe, I. (eds.)  Reconceiving Environmental Values, Routledge 2005, 17 - 37.
  • ‘The Birth of Modern Science: Culture, Mentalities and Scientific Innovation’,    Studies in History and Philosophy of Science (35) 2004: 199 – 225
  • ‘Biodiversity and Agricultural Landscapes: Can the Wicked Policy Problems Be Solved?’, Pacific Conservation Biology  (10) 2004: 124 - 144.
  •  ‘Confucian and Liberal Ethics for Public Policy: Holistic or Atomistic?’, Journal of Social Philosophy 34 (2003): 572 – 89 (co-author Julia Tao).
  • ‘Disposition toward environmental hazards in Hong Kong Chinese: validation of a Chinese version of the environmental appraisal inventory (EAI-C)’, Journal of Environmental Psychology 23 (2003): 369 – 84 (co-authors Julian Lai, Julia Tao, Homun Chan).
  •  ‘Humanism, Racism and Speciesism’, Worldviews: Environment, Culture, Religion 7 (2003): 274 – 302
  • ‘Environmental Awareness and Liberal Education’, in Light, A. and Rolston, H. (eds.)   Environmental Ethics,  Oxford: Blackwell, 2003. 516 – 26.
  • ‘Asian Traditions of Knowledge: the disputed questions of science, nature and ecology’, Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences 33 (2002): 567 – 81.
  • ‘Moral Pluralism and the Environment’, reprinted in D. Schmidtz and E. Willott (eds.)  Environmental Ethics, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2002. 466 – 78.
  • ‘Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Philosophy’, in Dale Jamieson (ed.)  A Companion to Environmental Philosophy,  Oxford: Blackwell, 2001. 146 – 60.