Death, the Underworld & the Afterlife in Classical Antiquity

1.00 – 4.00pm Saturday 9th November
Room 101, La Trobe University Franklin Street
Presented by Gillian Shepherd and Chris Mackie

One of the biggest categories of evidence we have for the ancient Greeks and Romans is their graves: these could be grand monuments decorated with sculpture and inscriptions, or humble holes in the ground; some had lavish grave goods, which now fill our museums, while others contained nothing but the deceased. The myths of the Under- world, including the visits of Odysseus and Aeneas to the realm of the dead, are some of the most important and enduring works of classical literature. This seminar series looks at how the ancients viewed death through their burial customs, literature and art: how they dealt with it, what they believed in, and what they thought the afterlife and the Under- world were like.

Optional Preparatory Reading:
D. Kurtz & J. Boardman, Greek Burial Customs (Thames and Hudson, 1971)
J. Toynbee, Death and Burial in the Roman World (Thames and Hudson, 1971)

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