The Roman Army: Life Beneath the Eagles

1.00pm – 4.00pm Saturday 25th May
Room 104, La Trobe University Franklin Street
Presented by Eugene Durrant

The Roman legions weren't merely the military backbone of the Roman Empire but also fascinating miniature societies. This seminar will explore the organisation and tactics of the legions, examine certain events in Ro- man military history such as the infamous battle of Cannae, and detail the exploits of some of Rome's fiercest enemies, such as Pyrrhus of Epirus and Hannibal.
This seminar will also take a look at how the legions functioned as com- munities, and how soldiers who could potentially serve for decades man- aged to fulfil their emotional and sexual needs within the environment of the legion. To this end the seminar will examine not only the lives of legionaries but also those of their wives, concubines, and the hordes of merchants, tradesmen and prostitutes that followed in every legion's wake.

Optional Preparatory Reading:
A. Goldsworthy, The Roman Army at War 100BCE-AD200 (Clarendon Press, 1998)
D.J. Mattingly, Imperialism, Power and Identity: Experiencing the Roman Empire (Princeton University Press, 2011) - Chapter 4

Course Code - RA06 Cost: $105 (full)/ $95 (discount)

Registration Census Date: Friday 17th May

If the minimum number of enrolments required to run is not reached by the registration census date it will be cancelled. Please register early to avoid disappointment. Registra- tions are accepted after the date should the class have sufficient enrolments.