Homer’s Iliad and Malouf’s Ransom

2.00 – 5.00pm Saturday 22nd June
Village Roadshow Theatre, State Library of Victoria
Presented by David Malouf and Chris Mackie

Homer's Iliad has informed so many works of literature throughout the three millennia of its existence. David Malouf's reinterpretation of a small section of the canonical text speaks to a new audience, on a distant continent, during a new age.
Malouf's novel picks up the Iliadic themes of revenge, redemption and fate and, unlike the Iliad where the gods are central to the narrative, focuses on human motivations and experiences.
This seminar will commence with a lecture from La Trobe University Homerist, Chris Mackie, who will talk about the Iliadic context on which Ransom draws so heavily. David Malouf will then discuss his use of the Iliad in the composition of Ransom. Afterwards, the two speakers will discuss both texts and take questions from the audience.

Optional Preparatory Reading:
Homer, Iliad, trans. R. Lattimore (University of Chicago Press, 2011) - Book 24
D. Malouf, Ransom (Random House, 2009)

Course Code - IR08 Cost: $105 (full)/ $95 (discount)

English teachers teaching, and VCE students studying, 'Ransom' are encouraged to attend this event.