Mediterranean Dialogues: The Roots of the Contemporary

6.00 – 8.00pm 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th August, 4th, 11th September
Room 103, La Trobe University Franklin Street
Presented by Gerardo Papalia, Gillian Darcy & Dimitri Gonis

Mediterranean Dialogues will consider the Mediterranean and its bordering cultures as a single reality: a place of exchange and contestation for different narratives of identity and nationhood. It will look at three countries of the northern Mediterranean: Spain, Italy and Greece, focusing on their relationship with each other and with other Mediterranean countries in the contemporary era. A special emphasis of the course will be Mediterranean diasporas and current and past models of Mediterranean multiculturalism and cultural exchange. The course will also look at cultural cross-fertilisation in folklore, religion, art and literature.

Optional Preparatory Reading:
D. Abulafia, The Great Sea (Allen Lane, 2011).
P. Ginsborg, Italy And Its Discontents (Penguin, 2003).
R. Clogg, A Concise History of Greece, 2nd Edition (Cambridge, 2002).
J. Hooper, The New Spaniards, 2nd edition (Penguin, 2006).

Course Code - MD10 Cost: $425 (full)/ $385 (discount)

Registration Census Date: Tuesday 30th July

If this seminar has not reached the minimum number of enrolments required to run by the registration census date it will be cancelled. Please register early to avoid disappointment.