Heroes and Monsters

1.00 – 4.00pm Saturday 2nd November
Room 101, La Trobe University Franklin Street
Presented by Annabel Orchard

When we speak of a Herculean task, an Achilles' heel or a personal Odyssey, we are drawing on the hero myths of Ancient Greece and Rome. We will follow the heroes on their journeys and examine the range of heroes from monster-slayers in animal skins to warriors in armour made by the gods.

Presented by Chris Mackie and Annabel Orchard Optional Preparatory Reading:
Euripides, Heracles
Homer, Odyssey Books 8 and 9

Registration Census Date: Friday 25th October

Course Code - HM13 Cost: $105 (full)/ $95 (discount)

If this seminar has not reached the minimum number of enrolments required to run by the registration census date it will be cancelled. Please register early to avoid disappointment.