Building Rome

1.00pm – 4.00pm Saturday 11th May

Room 104, La Trobe University Franklin Street

Presented by Gillian Shepherd & Sarah Midford

They say that Rome wasn’t built in a day. In fact, the city was the prosperous centre of the Roman Empire for hundreds of years. Over this time the city changed, grew and came to reflect Roman political and imperial successes.

This seminar will look at the archaeological remains of Rome and explore the city’s origins and development. Building practices and techniques will be looked at in detail as will building types and styles. The Forum of Augustus will be used as an example of Roman architectural grandeur, and the use of architecture for political advancement. This Forum, chronologically situated be- tween the Republican and Imperial periods of Rome, and physically situated in the heart of the city, can reveal a great deal about the political power architecture could wield. The seminar will conclude with a look at the opulence of Imperial Rome. Nero’s Golden Palace, the Flavian Amphitheatre (a.k.a. the Colosseum), and monumental triumphal arches will be discussed, as will the role of architecture in keeping the masses under control.

Optional Preparatory Reading:

P. Zanker, The Power of Images in the Age of Augustus (Ann Arbor, 1998)

J. Coulston & H. Dodge, Ancient Rome. The Archaeology of the Eternal City (Oxford, 2000)

Course Code - BR04 Cost: $105 (full)/ $95 (discount)

Registration Census Date: Friday 3rd May

If the minimum number of enrolments required to run is not reached by the registration census date it will be cancelled. Please register early to avoid disappointment. Registrations are accepted after the date should the class have sufficient enrolments.