High stakes for US-China trade dispute

Resolution will require the intervention of the two countries' leaders

The art versus the badly behaved artist

Professor Thompson offers a philosopher's view

New joint research hub with ECNU

New joint research hub with East China Normal University

Teacher bullying taking a toll

Bullying is not the same as a student or parent being annoying

Why do we have a QWERTY keyboard?

Curious Kids asked why isn't the keyboard in alphabetical order?

Study exposes teacher-targeted bullying

Research reveals extent of teacher-targeted bullying in Australian schools

Politicians do keep their promises

The Gillard government kept 87% of its promises in a hung parliament

La Trobe student awarded scholarship

Student receives Order of Australia Association Foundation Scholarship

La Trobe delivers high research impact

Government assess La Trobe's research on its real world impact

La Trobe ranks in top 50 in Asia Pacific

Highest ever result for La Trobe

La Trobe celebrates Fulbright Scholar

Fulbright Scholar Blayne Welsh set for US adventure

Government focus on militarising Pacific

Australia aims to counter China’s growing influence in the region

Bendigo's history lost on Black Saturday

Bendigo lost remnants of its history on Black Saturday

Do you have a balanced experience diet?

Just like our food diet, we need to get our experience diet right

When a fair trial could be at risk

The digital age has made the idea of a fair trial even more difficult

Scott Morrison's latest bad move

Morrison’s decision to recognise West Jerusalem met with negativity

The actual threats to academic freedom

We need to have a more nuanced discussion about academic freedom

Kayli Wild co-authors article in Women and Birth journal

Dr Kayli Wild has co-authored an article in the Women and Birth Journal, entitled Responding to violence against women: A qualitative study with midwives in Timor-Leste.

Recovered Aboriginal songs offer clues

The discovery offers clues to mystery of the shipwrecked 'white woman'

Shaky US-China relationship tested

Huawei executive’s arrest carries highly charged politics with it

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