Do you have a balanced experience diet?

Just like our food diet, we need to get our experience diet right

When a fair trial could be at risk

The digital age has made the idea of a fair trial even more difficult

Scott Morrison's latest bad move

Morrison’s decision to recognise West Jerusalem met with negativity

The actual threats to academic freedom

We need to have a more nuanced discussion about academic freedom

Kayli Wild co-authors article in Women and Birth journal

Dr Kayli Wild has co-authored an article in the Women and Birth Journal, entitled Responding to violence against women: A qualitative study with midwives in Timor-Leste.

Recovered Aboriginal songs offer clues

The discovery offers clues to mystery of the shipwrecked 'white woman'

Shaky US-China relationship tested

Huawei executive’s arrest carries highly charged politics with it

How Australian journalists are faring

New research reveals how journalists are faring after redundancy

Guide to the classics: Euripides’ Medea

Medea is particularly cogent today in the context of #MeToo movement

G20 summit brings temporary truce

Given the stiffening US view of China, cooling tensions won't last

50 shades of Shakespeare

Is there an author whose reputation could ever rival Shakespeare's?

La Trobe's ARC funding success

ARC funds 10 research projects

US-China tension causes trouble for Aus

APEC 2018 may come to be seen as the moment the US reasserted itself

After APEC: cooperation left in the cold

US-China tensions at APEC summit leave cooperation in doubt

Dating the Cradle

The most comprehensive timeline for early human evolution unveiled

Graduate Art Show in Bendigo

Creative arts graduates show off their work

One year on: marriage equality vote

After one year since the marriage equality vote, the fight is not over

Where Morrison and Shorten differ

The differences in Morrison and Shorten's foreign policy approaches

World’s tallest statue costs environment

The statue depicts India’s first deputy Prime Minister

New Aboriginal Australian discovery

The earliest European image of Aboriginal Australians has been found

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