Graduate Art Show in Bendigo

Creative arts graduates show off their work

One year on: marriage equality vote

After one year since the marriage equality vote, the fight is not over

Where Morrison and Shorten differ

The differences in Morrison and Shorten's foreign policy approaches

World’s tallest statue costs environment

The statue depicts India’s first deputy Prime Minister

New Aboriginal Australian discovery

The earliest European image of Aboriginal Australians has been found

Top marks for Arts and Humanities

La Trobe ranks top 200 in the world

Battle fought by suffragists continues

Kerryn Phelps' campaign harked back to Australia's suffrage movement

The secret life of infertile women

Results of study into social effects of infertility published

University City of the Future funding

La Trobe and State Government partner to fast-track $5billion project

Report on LGBT conversion therapy harms

New study details history of the LGBT conversion movement in Australia

Bendigo international student recognised

International student Tejas Deshmukh wins Victorian Government award

Students immerse themselves in Mildura Writers Festival

Writers in Action subject is in its fourth year within the festival

Mildura lecturer to exhibit internationally

Dr Kylie Banyard to showcase her work at the Turchin Centre for Visual Arts

Emmanuel Macron heads to Australia

Emmanuel Macron and Malcolm Turnbull to meet

The meeting of North and South Korea

South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un met at the third inter-Korean summit, held at Panmunjom on Friday.

Designing the compassionate city

Designing the compassionate city to overcome built-in biases

Language diversity in north-east India

Stephen Morey and Jurgen Schoepf have been researching language and communication of the Tangsa in India.

The story of Fook Shing

The story of Fook Shing, colonial Victoria’s Chinese detective.

Chinese military base in Vanuatu rumours

Response to rumours of a Chinese military base in Vanuatu

Tony Abbott revenge of the ‘delcons'

Tony Abbott and the revenge of the ‘delcons’

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