University Handbook 2018

Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours)

Course code/s: SHPB

Course details
Location Bendigo
Course code SHPB
Mid year intake available No
Course coordinator Dr Joe Tucci
Available to international students Yes
CRICOS 069561G
Course duration 4 years full-time, or part-time equivalent
Credit points 480 credit points
Exchange opportunity Yes
Leave of absence available Yes
Study plan guide To assist with planning your enrolment, you can download the course structure PDF here
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Course description

The main feature of the Pharmacy course at La Trobe University is the integration of the science components with the patient-orientated components of pharmacy practice and pharmaceutical care, giving the future pharmacist skills in optimising patient therapeutic outcomes and improving patient health. Thus the program emphasises the pharmaceutical treatment of a range of disease states, patient care, community health issues and the place of the pharmacist as a member of the primary health care team. Students study subjects in science and public health alongside students in other courses.

Graduates will find employment in community or hospital pharmacies throughout Australia. The course will equip them for work in any pharmacy setting.  Apart from traditional pharmacy workplaces, graduates will also be qualified and eligible to deliver pharmacy services within the armed forces (air force, army, navy) and are eagerly recruited into the pharmaceutical industry.  Finally, the opportunity exists for post-graduate research in diverse areas such as pharmacy practice, chemistry, pharmacology, pharmacogenomics, biotechnology and microbiology.

Much of the first year is concerned with the science that underlies the study of pharmacy.  The first year subjects Introduction to Pharmacy Practice and Pharmaceutical Formulation A introduce students to the practice of pharmacy, and include visits to community and hospital pharmacies.

In later years, the emphasis shifts from the basic sciences to the pharmacy-specific subjects of therapeutics, pharmacy practice, pharmaceutics, pharmacology and medicinal chemistry, together with studies relating to the health care system. As they progress through the course, students will spend progressively more time in clinical placements, during which they will undertake specific learning tasks.

Honours program - This course is an Honours program which is completed via project work in year four. Project work consists of individual or group research tasks. Individual project work results in a thesis that satisfies entry conditions for further studies in a higher degree by research (e.g. PhD).

Student exchange & overseas short programs

Student exchange and overseas short programs offer a unique opportunity for a meaningful learning and educational experience abroad.  La Trobe University encourages all students to make the world their campus by participating in an exchange or overseas short program that fits within your degree structure.  Student exchange and overseas short programs may also be eligible for a mobility grant.

College of Science, Health and Engineering students with a third-year elective option in their course have a unique opportunity to enrol in SHE3ISP, with permission from their course coordinator and the subject coordinator.  Please note: enrolment into SHE3ISP requires students to be accepted into an LTU approved short term international program.

Essentials subjects

The three Essentials - Global Citizenship, Innovation & Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Thinking are specialist areas designed to give you an edge with employers. Essentials will enable you to adapt your knowledge and skills to new contexts in a rapidly changing world. Subjects addressing the Essentials are part of all undergraduate La Trobe degrees and can be identified in the subject search by distinct icons. The list of approved subjects can be found on the Essentials webpage.

Course intended learning outcomes

Course Intended Learning Outcomes (CILOs) are brief statements defining what students are expected to demonstrate they know and can do by the end of a course.

Apply the fundamental science behind medicinal and therapeutic care to improve health outcomes for patients.
Formulate, prepare, supply and dispense medications and therapeutic products in an accurate, safe and efficient manner.
Respectfully counsel and communicate drug, therapeutic and health information to socially and culturally diverse audiences, including professionals, patients and the public.
Acquire, critically analyse and evaluate the latest information and knowledge regarding drugs, drug therapies, treatment implications and disease states to improve professional services.
Effectively engage with cultural and societal diversity to develop and optimise the most appropriate therapeutic treatment for the patient’s benefit in any given clinical situation.
Apply principles of therapeutic care that optimises patient outcome consistent with professional and ethical responsibilities mandated by the Pharmacy Profession.
Create evidence‐based solutions to health care problems working independently and collaboratively in interprofessional teams.
Apply leadership and management skills to ensure effective delivery of pharmacy services.
Plan and execute projects in science or pharmacy and communicate research findings to specialist and non‐specialist audiences.

Course structure

The course requires the completion of 480 credit points over four years of full-time study.

First year

First year (120 credit points)
Teaching period Subject title Subject code Credit points
TE-SEM-1 Academic Integrity Module (online) * LTU0AIM 0
TE-SEM-1 Wominjeka La Trobe: Indigenous Cultural Literacy for Higher Education (online) ** ABS0WOM 0
TE-SEM-1 Biology of Cell and Organism BIO1CO 15
TE-SEM-1 Chemistry 1A CHE1C1A 15
TE-SEM-1 Introduction to Pharmacy Practice PHA1IPP 15
TE-SEM-1 Experimental Foundations of Psychological Science PSY1EFP 15
TE-SEM-2 Organs and Organ Systems BIO1OOS 15
TE-SEM-2 Chemistry 1B CHE1C1B 15
TE-SEM-2 Pharmaceutical Formulation A PHA1PFA 15
TE-SEM-2 Statistical Methods STA1STM 15

Key: *LTU0AIM is a not-for-credit subject that you are required to complete at the commencement of your first semester. The subject is designed to enhance your knowledge and awareness of issues concerning academic integrity.
** ABS0WOM is a not-for-credit subject that you are required to complete at the commencement of your first semester. The subject is designed to introduce students to Indigenous Australian perspectives, experiences, history, culture and customs.

Second year

Second year (120 credit points)
Teaching period Subject title Subject code Credit points
TE-SEM-1 Medicinal Chemistry A CHE2MCA 15
TE-SEM-1 Pharmaceutical Formulation B PHA2PFB 15
TE-SEM-1 Pharmacology A PHA2PGA 15
TE-SEM-1 Introduction to Microbiology BIO2IMB 15
TE-SEM-2 Chemical Analysis CHE2CAN 15
TE-SEM-2 Metabolic Biochemistry BIO2MBC 15
TE-SEM-2 Pharmacology B PHA2PGB 15
TE-SEM-2 Pharmacy Practice and Therapeutics A (Cardiovascular & Respiratory) PHA2THA 15

Third year

Third year (120 credit points)
Teaching period Subject title Subject code Credit points
TE-SEM-1 Pharmacy, Legislation and Practice PHA3PLP 15
TE-SEM-1 Clinical Biochemistry and Haematology BIO3CBH 15
TE-SEM-1 Biopharmaceutics CHE3BPH 15
TE-SEM-1 Pharmacy Practice and Therapeutics B (Metabolic and Endocrine) PHA3THB 15
TE-SEM-2 Pharmacy Practice and Therapeutics D (Anti-infectives) PHA3THD 15
TE-SEM-2 Pharmaceutical Formulation C PHA3PFC 15
TE-SEM-2 Pharmacy Practice and Therapeutics C (Psychiatry and Neurology) PHA3THC 15
TE-SEM-2 Epidemiology for Practice PHE2EFP 15

Fourth year - Honours

Fourth year – Honours (120 credit points)
Teaching period Subject title Subject code Credit points
TE-SEM-1 Pharmaceutical Care – Quality Use of Medicines A PHA4PCA 15
TE-SEM-1 Pharmacy Practice and Therapeutics E (Oncology and Palliative care) PHA4THE 15
TE-SEM-2 Pharmaceutical Care – Quality Use of Medicines B PHA4PCB 15
TE-SEM-2 Pharmacy Practice and Management PHA4PPM 15
TE-SEM-2 Pharmacy Practice and Advanced Counselling PHA4PAC 15

Based upon marks in their third year, high achieving students will be invited to undertake an Individual Honours Project. 

All other students will undertake Honours by coursework in groups.

  Students completing the Individual Honours Project must complete the following subjects to the value of 45 credit points:    
TE-SEM-1 Pharmacy Honours Project A PHA4PHA 15
TE-SEM-1 Pharmacy Honours Project B PHA4PHB 15
TE-SEM-2 Pharmacy Honours Project C PHA4PHC 15
  Students completing the Coursework Honours must complete the following subjects to the value of 45 credit points:    
TE-SEM-1 Biotechnology PHA4BT 15
TE-SEM-1 Integrative Medicines PHA4CM 15
  Coursework Honours students select one of the following elective subjects:    
TE-SEM-2 Group Project PHA4GP 15
TE-SEM-2 Brain, Mind and Behaviour BIO3BMB 15

Please note: Some of these subjects may not be offered in the current year. For a full description of subjects, including the subject name, subject code, credit points, campus/location, teaching period and availability, subject coordinator, class requirements, assessment, prerequisites and readings, please click on the appropriate subject code.