University Handbook 2018

Diploma in Languages

Course code/s: ADIL Melbourne

Course Details
Location Bundoora
Course/Discipline Coordinator

James Walker

Course Code ADIL
Available to International Students No
Course Duration 3 years
Exchange Opportunity Yes
Leave of Absence Available Yes
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Course Description

This diploma allows students to complete a three-year sequence in a foreign language as a stand-alone award. To complete the Diploma in Languages students must undertake a minimum of 120 credit points in one of:

  • Chinese
  • French
  • Hindi
  • Modern Greek
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Spanish

Depending upon individual circumstances, students will have the opportunity to participate in exchange, ‘in-country' studies or other self-funded short overseas programs, immersing themselves in the culture and language and potentially reducing the time needed for completion of the award.

The relevant language coordinator will advise students about the level of entry and sequence of subjects to be taken for the diploma.

Course intended learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate a broad and coherent knowledge of the target language, and of the culture and societies where the language is spoken
  • Demonstrate effective, flexible and creative approaches to language acquisition to become an independent learner of the language.
  • Demonstrate an ability to work both collaboratively and individually on projects
  • Demonstrate the capacity to critically perceive the world in perspectives other than one’s own.
  • Demonstrate the capacity to communicate and interact with others according to the norms of the particular culture.
  •  Achieve the level of proficiency in the target language required for entry to the Diploma of Education (LOTE).

Course Structure

To assist with planning your enrolment, download a PDF copy of the study plan guide here: Diploma in Languages (ADIL) Melbourne 2018 [PDF 97 KB]

Sample French Structure

Subjects are worth 15 credit points unless otherwise stated.

First-year Core Subjects
FRE1001 (S1) French 1
FRE1002 (S2) French 2
Second-year Core Subjects
FRE2003 (S1) French 3
FRE2004 (S2) French 4
Second-year Elective
(S1 or S2) Language and Cultural Studies
Third-year Core Subjects
FRE3005 (S1) French 5
FRE3006 (S2) French 6
Third-year Elective
(S1 or S2) Language and Cultural Studies
S1 = Semester 1, S2 = Semester 2

For a full list of languages and subjects offered by the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, please see Discipline and areas of study.

Contact hours

Approximately 3–8 contact hours per week depending on the language.


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