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Master of Health Information Management

Course code/s: HMHIM

Course details
Location Melbourne (Bundoora)
Course code HMHIM
Mid year intake available Yes. Students entering the course mid-year, enrol in a part-time mode, in specific subjects. Full-time enrolment is an option later in the course
Course coordinator Dr Kerin Robinson
Available to international students Yes
CRICOS 062804F
Course duration 2 years full-time
Credit points 240 credit points
Exchange opportunity No
Leave of absence available Yes, for a maximum of 12 months
Course queries Current students: ASK La Trobe
Prospective students: Future Students

Course description

The Master of Health Information Management is a two-year graduate entry master degree, which can be undertaken full or part-time. Graduates will help to meet the very pressing, and rapidly increasing, demand throughout the health sector for experts in professional health information management including: activity-based funding models and health classification, management of health information systems, health informatics and digital e-health, health data analytics, and research using health information.

This Master of Health Information Management includes excellent opportunities for supervised 'hands-on' practical placement experience in health information management work environments across the health sector.  This is a complex course and in order to provide a smooth transition into the master degree, successful applicants will undertake a short, introductory 'Summer' bridging course, depending on their academic background.

Course intended learning outcomes

The course intended learning outcomes for this degree are currently under revision.

Course structure

The course requires the completion of 240 credit points over two years of full-time study.

First year

First year (120 credit points)
Teaching period Subject code Subject title Credit points
TE-SEM-1 LTU0AIM* Academic Integrity Module 0
TE-SEM-1 HIM4PPB1 Health Information Professional Practice B 15
TE-SEM-1 HIM4CCB Health Classification & Clinical Coding B 15
TE-SEM-1 HIM4IHA Principles of Health Informatics A 15
TE-SEM-1 HIM4AHA Health Data Analysis A 15
TE-SEM-2 HIM5HMC Health Information Management C 15
TE-W31-45 HIM5CCC Health Classification & Clinical Coding C 15
TE-SEM-2 HIM5IHB Principles of Health Informatics B 15
TE-SEM-2 HIM5IEL Health Information Ethics & Law 15

Second year

Second year (120 credit points)
Teaching period Subject code Subject title Credit points
TE-SEM-1 HIM5AHB Analysis of Health Data B 15
TE-SEM-1 HIM5HMD Health Information Management D 15
TE-SEM-1 HIM5IHC Principles of Health Informatics C 15
TE-W31-45 HIM5PPC1 Health Information Professional Practice C 45
TE-SEM-2 HIM5HSI Health Systems Implementation 15
Students to select 15 credit points from the following list
TE-SEM-1 HIM5CCD2 Health Classification & Clinical Coding D 15
  HIM5RPH2 Research Project in Health Information Management
TE-SEM-1 Elective3 Postgraduate elective subject approved by Course Coordinator


*LTU0AIM is a zero-credit-point subject that you are required to complete at the commencement of your first semester. The subject is designed to enhance your knowledge and awareness of issues concerning academic integrity.

1 Hospital or healthcare service-based professional practice placement with integrated, University-based theory.

2 The electives allow for streaming according to the student's preferred professional specialisation. HIM5CCD is strongly recommended. HIM5RPH is subject to availability.

3 For this elective, students may take an approved subject consistent with their preferred specialisation.


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