University Handbook 2018

Graduate Certificate in Health Policy

Course code/s: HCHPO

Course details
Location City Campus
Course code HCHPO
Mid year intake available Yes (students can commence in either semester without a change in the course structure)
Course coordinator Dr Deborah Gleeson
Available to international students No
Course duration 1 year part-time
Credit points 60 credit points
Exchange opportunity No
Leave of absence available Yes, for a maximum of 12 months
Course queries Current students: ASK La Trobe
Prospective students: Future Students

Please note that a Master of Health Sciences with a major in Health Policy is also available for students who may wish to take their studies further.

Course description

These courses are designed for those with an interest in health policy or whose work requires policy skills, or for those seeking skills that may support a career shift. This program assists students to understand the changing contexts of policy making, to analyse policy and to participate in policy making and policy advocacy in their chosen fields. Domestic students who enrol in the graduate certificate may apply to progress to the Master of Health Sciences. The graduate certificate will be subsumed upon completion of the higher qualification. It is possible to exit from the Master of Health Sciences with a Postgraduate Diploma in Health Policy or a Graduate Certificate in Health Policy.

Further information can be found on the postgraduate Health policy webpage.

Course intended learning outcomes

Course Intended Learning Outcomes (CILOs) are brief statements defining what students are expected to demonstrate they know and can do by the end of a course.

Critically analyse contemporary theories, models and research evidence related to health policy.
Evaluate healthcare policies, programs and strategies by application of research evidence and advanced knowledge.
Develop evidence-based policies and strategies that address specific problems in health policy development and implementation.
Critically examine current and future trends in health and healthcare to discuss implications for policy that will enhance the health and wellbeing of individuals and population.
Apply reflective practice, judgment and advanced knowledge in forming health policy.

Course structure

The course requires the completion of 60 credit points over one year of part-time study.

First year

First year (60 credit points)
Teaching period Subject code Subject title Credit points
TE-SEM-1 LTU0AIM* Academic Integrity Module 0
Students to select 60 credit points from the following fifth level subjects:
TE-SUM-3 PHE5AHR Australia's International Health Relations 15
TE-SEM-1 PHE5POL Public Health Policy 15
TE-SEM-1 PHE5AHS The Australian Health Care System 15
TE-SEM-1 PHE5HEF Health Economics and Finance 15
TE-SEM-2 PHE5HPA Health Policy Analysis 15
TE-SEM-2 PHE5IPO International Health Policy 15

Key:* LTU0AIM is a zero-credit-point subject that you are required to complete at the commencement of your first semester. The subject is designed to enhance your knowledge and awareness of issues concerning academic integrity.



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