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Master of Business Analytics

Course code/s: LMBAN

Course Details
Location City Campus
Course Coordinator Dr Kok-Leong Ong
Course Code LMBAN
Available to International students YES
CRICOS 087774A
Course duration 2 years full-time, or part-time equivalent
Credit Points 240
Exchange opportunity Yes
Leave of absence available Yes
Course queries Current students: ASK La Trobe
Prospective students: Future Students

Course Description

The Master of Business Analytics is a specialised degree that aims to equip students with the relevant data analytics and business skills to solve the complex problems of modern businesses. The course is multi-disciplinary, drawing upon knowledge and skills in business, statistics, computer science, and soft personal skills such as communication and critical thinking. The course will cover foundation and advanced business analytics by using state of the art industry tools to show case the application of the knowledge and skills in practice. The course will also have a strong industry presence to ensure that students are kept abreast of the latest development in this field.

Course Intended Learning Outcomes

  • Introduce students to the context in which analytics fit within an organisation.
  • Gain an understanding and knowledge of how to capture, organise and manage data in order to support an organisation’s analytical initiatives.
  • Acquire knowledge of basic methods and techniques of analytics.
  • Acquire knowledge of advanced techniques of analytics, including how to apply analytics in various practical scenarios.
  • Understand and acquire knowledge and skills to translate business requirements into actionable outcomes through data.
  • Gain skills in the use of Enterprise tools, including SAS, R and Python.
  • Specialise in a vertical industry domain to contextualise the Analytic skills of students
  • Gain industry experience through completion of industry sourced analytic projects

Course Requirements

The Master of Business Analytics is a two-year full-time program (or its part-time equivalent), studied in English, requiring the successful completion of 240 credit points of study. The program comprises coursework and may include a minor thesis if students elect to complete a specialization using the four electives within the course.

  • All subjects are worth 15 credit points.
  • The subjects are listed in the preferred order of study. You must complete all prerequisite subjects prior to enrolling in a core or elective subject.
  • This degree is designed to be completed within two years of full-time study or part-time equivalent for non-cognate students
  • LTU0AIM is a not-for-credit subject that students are required to complete at the commencement of their first semester. The subject is designed to enhance the students' knowledge and awareness of issues concerning academic integrity.

Course Structure

To assist with planning your enrolment, download a PDF copy of the study plan guide here: Master of Business Analytics (LMBAN) City Campus 2019

First year

Sustainable Management & Marketing Introduction to Accounting and Finance Business Information Systems Management   Principles of Business Analytics    
Statistics for Business and Finance     Predictive Analytics          Visual Analytics Data Wrangling and R

Second year

Semester 1 BUS5WB Elective Elective Elective
Data Warehousing and Big Data College of ASSC level 5 subject as elective (15cp) College of ASSC level 5 subject as elective (15cp) College of ASSC level 5 subject as elective (15cp)
Semester 2 BUS5CA BUS5AP BUS5PR1 Elective
Customer Analytics and Social Media    Analytics in Practice      Analytics Project 1 College of ASSC level 5 subject as elective (15cp)


La Trobe Business School Post Graduate Electives

For a listing of all elective subjects offered by the La Trobe Business School, please refer to La Trobe Business School postgraduate electives.

To assist in your elective choice, we have grouped a number of elective subjects under Elective Discipline headings.  You may wish to select all or some of the electives from the Elective Disciplines provided below.

Elective Disciplines

Sports Analytics

You may use the four elective subjects available within the course to complete a sports specialisation.

LST5RLS (WK 25-29) Risk Management and Law in Sport
MGT5SLB (WK 12-13) Sport Leadership and Governance
MGT5MSB (WK 28-31) Managing the Sport Brand
MGT5MSG (WK 42-43) Managing Innovation for Sport Growth
WK = Weeks

Marketing Analytics

You may use the four elective subjects available within the course to complete a marketing analytics specialisation.

Note - these marketing subjects are only delivered from the Melbourne Campus .

 MKT5MMA (S1, S2) Marketing Management
 MKT5ACD (S1, S2) Advanced Consumer Decision Making
In addition,choose two from the following list
BUS5PR2 (WK 06-52) Analytics Project 2
MKT5AMR (S1, S2) Applied Market Research (Available at BU)
MKT5CRM (S1, S2) Customer Relationship Management
MKT5IMM (S1, S2) International Marketing Management (Available at BU)
S1 = Semester 1, S2 = Semester 2, WK = Weeks
BU = Bundoora

Data Science Specialisation

You may use the four elective subjects available within the course to complete a data science analytics specialisation.

CSE4OOF (S1, S2) Object-Oriented Programming Fundamentals
CSE4DBF (S1, S2) Database Fundamentals (Available at BU)
CSE4IOO (S1, S2) Intermediate Object-Oriented Programming
BUS5PR2 (WK 06-52) Analytics Project 2
S1 =Semester 1, S2 = Semester 2, WK = Weeks
BU = Bundoora

Note: Teaching periods are provided as a guide only and subject to change. Please refer to Subject Search guide for further details.


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