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Postgraduate Elective subjects

La Trobe Business School Elective Subjects

La Trobe Business School offers a varied and extensive range of postgraduate elective subjects that you are able to select from within your course.  Your choice of electives presents an opportunity for you to explore areas of particular interest, to specialise in certain subjects and to gain breadth across a range of different disciplines.  All elective subjects are worth 15 credit points unless otherwise stated.

Selection choice will be subject to satisfying any prerequisite and co-requisite requirements.


ACC5AFM (S1, S2) Accounting for Managers
ACC5AAI (S1, S2) Advanced Accounting Issues
ACC5AAS (S1, S2) Advanced Auditing and Assurance Services
ACC5CRE (S1, S2) Advanced Corporate Reporting
ACC5FAS (S1, S2) Financial Accounting Information Systems
ACC5MCR (S1, S2) Management Accounting
ACC5TAX (S1, S2) Taxation
S1 = Semester 1, S2 = Semester 2


FIN5ALS (S2) Alternative Securities
FIN5CRM (S2) Credit Risk Management
FIN5DBS (S1, S2) Debt Securities
FIN5DER (S2) Derivative Securities
FIN5EME (S2) Econometrics of Financial Markets
FIN5EQS (S2) Equity Securities
FIN5FMA (S1, S2) Financial Management
FIN5FSA (S1) Financial Statement Analysis
FIN5IFM (S2) International Financial Management
FIN5MRM (S1) Market Risk Management
FIN5ORM (S2) Operational Risk Management
FIN5PMT (S1, S2) Portfolio Management
S1 = Semester 1, S2 = Semester 2


MGT5ARP (S1) Advanced Remuneration and Performance Management
BUS5BID (S1, S2) Business Information Systems Design
BUS5BIM (S1, S2) Business Information Systems Management
BUS5BPD (S1, S2) Business Intelligence Project
BUS5BPI (S1, S2) Business Intelligence Project Implementation
IBU5COV (S1, S2) Corporate Venturing
MGT5DPP (S2, WIN) Developing People and High Performance Organisations
BUS5EBI (S1, S2) Enterprise Business Intelligence
BUS5EIS (S1) Enterprise Information Systems
MGT5EBP (S1, S2) Entrepreneurial Business Planning
IBU5GW (S1, S2) Governance in a Globalising World
IBU5HRM (S1, S2) Human Resource Management in a Global Economy
IBU5IBE (S1, S2) International Business
MGT5IER (S2) International Employment Relations
MGT5IPM (WK 32-44) International Project Management
BUS5KMS (S1) Knowledge Management Systems
MGT5MPT (S1, S2) Management Practice and Theory
MGT5MIO (S1) Managing Innovation in Organisations
BUS5MIP (S1, S2) Managing IT Projects
MGT5OBR (S1, S2) Organisational Behaviour
BUS5PTB (S2) Professional Topics in Business Systems
MGT5PSC (S2) Procurement and Supply Chain Management
MGT5PMT (S1, S2) Project Management
MGT5STR (WK 10-25, WK 32-44) Strategic Management
S1 = Semester 1, S2 = Semester 2, WIN = Winter Semester, WK = Weeks

Sport Management

MGT5MSG (WK 42-43) Managing Innovation for Sport Growth
MGT5MSM (WK 07-08) Managing Media Relations in Sport
MGT5MSB (WK 28-31) Managing the Sport Brand
MGT5SLB (WK 12-13) Sport Leadership and Governance
LST5RLS (WK 25-29) Risk Management and Law in Sport
PHE5ACW (WK 46-47) Managing Athlete and Coach Welfare
WK = Weeks


MKT5ACD (S1, WK 11-20) Advanced Consumer Decision Making
MKT5AMR (S1, S2) Applied Marketing Research
MKT5CRM (S1, S2) Customer Relationship Management
MKT5IMM (S1, S2) International Marketing Management
MKT5MMA (S1, S2) Marketing Management
S1 = Semester 1, S2 = Semester 2, WK = Weeks


MGT5BRM (S2) Business Research Methods
BUS5THE (S1, S2) Masters Business Research Thesis (45 credit points)
S1 = Semester 1, S2 = Semester 2



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