University Handbook 2018

Bachelor of Applied Business

Course code/s: LBAB

Course Details

Course Coordinator
 Suzanne Young
Course Code
Available to International Students
Course Duration
3 years
Credit Points
Exchange Opportunity
Leave of Absence Available
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Course description

This fully online degree helps you to build the knowledge and skills necessary for a career in a wide range of areas within business and the not-for-profit and public sectors. Through the core you will learn how to communicate and work effectively with others to solve the sort of business challenges you will face developing your business career, either in starting up your own business or working for an existing business.  The program adopts enquiry based learning approach that helps you to develop important problem-solving and decision-making skills relevant to any business. Graduates may go on to develop careers in the management of large, medium and small businesses in government and private sectors, both domestically and internationally.

Admission requirements

Year 12 completion English 3/4 score 25 OR equivalent academic level achievement OR at least 2 years work experience post school AND all students are required to undergo an online Language, Literacy and Numeracy test administered by Didasko that also assess capability to undertake online study.

Course intended learning outcomes

  • Identify, source and analyse information relevant to business and social challenges.
  • Evaluate a range of alternate solutions to business and social challenges and account for potentially competing economic, ethical, social and commercial perspectives in a responsible manner.
  • Communicate professionally and effectively with a range of stakeholders, using a variety of modes of communications and appropriate tools.
  • Devise innovative recommendations to business and social challenges, based on the identification of the elements of a problem and the application and evaluation of problem solving approaches.
  • Engage professionally and effectively to the success of a multicultural, team, in a manner which is respectful of the needs, values, personalities and capabilities of others.
  • Utilise digital technologies to identify, source, analyse and communicate information relevant to business and social challenges.
  • Meet the disciplinary knowledge and skill requirements for graduates seeking to commence a career in business.

Course requirements

  • Two not-for-credit online modules: one will provide you with an introduction to concepts of academic integrity and the other an introduction to local indigenous culture.
  • A core of fourteen subjects is designed to: enhance your understanding of business principles and develop your business skills; and develop and assess your communication, research, thinking, problem-solving and teamwork skills through all three levels of the course.
  • Three of the common core subjects, Managing Across Borders, Sustainability Practices, and Entrepreneurship, deliver the La Trobe Essentials by providing you with opportunities at throughout your course to apply your disciplinary knowledge and skill, through multidisciplinary teams, to researching, analysing and resolving global, sustainability and entrepreneurial challenges typical of those facing business today.
  • Ten elective subjects provide you with the opportunity to extend the breadth of your course. You may choose to use these subjects to complete an eight-subject major, which is an optional requirement of this course, in order to provide you with the disciplinary depth required to practice your chosen discipline.
  • This degree is designed to be completed within three years of full-time study, although part-time study is possible. The maximum time allowed for a student to complete this degree is seven years. 
  • Students must complete the course set out below, comprising 360 credit points (24 subjects). 
  • No more than 150 credit points (10 subjects) may be at first-year level.
  • At least 120 credit points (8 subjects) must be at third-year level.
  • Students must complete all prerequisite subjects prior to enrolling in a core or elective subject.

Variations to this structure are subject to approval by an LBS Course Coordinator


LaTrobe Essential

The three Essentials - Global Citizenship, Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Thinking - are specialist areas designed to give you an edge with employers. They will enable you to adapt your knowledge and skills to new contexts in a rapidly changing world. Subjects addressing the Essentials are part of all undergraduate La Trobe degrees and can be identified in the subject database by distinct icons. The list of approved subjects is also on the Essentials webpage.

Course structure

To assist with planning your enrolment, download a PDF copy of the study plan guide here: Bachelor of Applied Business (LBAB) Online 2018 [PDF 129 KB]

Note: LTU0AIM is a not-for-credit subject that students are required to complete at the commencement of their first semester. The subject is designed to enhance students' knowledge and awareness of issues concerning academic integrity

ABS0WOM is a not-for-credit subject that students are required to complete at the commencement of their first semester. The subject is designed to introduce students to Indigenous Australian perspectives, experiences, history, culture and customs

First year


First year core subject
BUS1OPX Office Professional
BUS1STX Sustainability Practices
BUS1BFX Business Fundamentals
BUS1AFX Accounting and Finance Fundamentals
MKT1MDX Marketing: Stand & Deliver
MGT1OBX Working with Others
First year subject options
Two, Level 1 Major Core or Elective Subjects (30 Credit points total)


Second year


Second year core subject
BUS1ABX Analysing Business Data
LST2BSX Introduction to Business Law & Ethics
BUS1BUX Investigating Economic Issues
MGT2IMX Managing Across Borders
BUS2BIX Business Innovation
Second year subject options
Three, Level 2 or 3 Major Core or Elective Subjects (45 Credit points total)

Third year


Third year core subject
BUS3DBX Digital Business
MGT3LWX Leadership
BUS3ENX Entrepreneurship
Third-Year Subject Options
Five, Level 3 Major Core or Elective Subjects (75 Credit points total)

Note: Teaching periods are  provided as a guide only and subject to change. Please refer to Subject Search guide for further details.


Electives subjects

Elective subjects
Level 1 
MKT1ADX Advertising in the Digital Age
MGT1FOX Foundations of Management
CSE1ITX Information Technology Fundamentals 
Level 2 
MGT2BEX Business Ethics
MKT2CBX Consumer Behaviour
MKT2BBX Digital Branding & Retailing
MGT2HRX Human Resource Management
MKT2MRX Market, Audience & Social Research
BUS2PMX Project Management (Proposed Subject Pending Approval)
BUS2QCX Quality Customer Service (Proposed Subject Pending Approval)
BUS2WDX Workplace Diversity (Proposed Subject Pending Approval)
Level 3
MGT3OCX Organisational Change and Development
MKT3IMX International Marketing
MKT3SOX Social Marketing
MGT3SMX Strategic Management