University Handbook 2018

Graduate Diploma in Sports Analytics

Course code/s: HGSA

Course details
Location Melbourne (Bundoora) & City Campus
Course code HGSA
Mid year intake available No
Course coordinator Dr Stuart Morgan
Available to international students Yes
CRICOS 094173A
Course duration 1 year full-time or part-time equivalent
Credit points 120 credit points
Exchange opportunity No
Leave of absence available Yes
Course queries Current students: ASK La Trobe
Prospective students: Future Students

Course description

The Graduate Diploma in Sports Analytics is a one-year degree for those seeking to improve their knowledge and capacity to collect, manage, analyse and present large data sets captured from sport. The course aims to prepare graduates for roles in the field of sports analytics and may be of significant interest to currently employed sport and exercise science professionals seeking formal education and qualifications in this area. Local students are able to select to enrol on either full-time or part-time basis. Following the completion of one year of full-time study, students have the option to apply for entry to the Master of Sports Analytics.

Course intended learning outcomes

Course Intended Learning Outcomes (CILOs) are brief statements defining what students are expected to demonstrate they know and can do by the end of a course.

Evaluate and apply professional knowledge and skills autonomously or in a team, in a range of sports analytics and performance analysis settings, to a high standard.
Critically appraise data collection technology and innovations in order to make informed decisions and solve complex problems.
Engage in life-long learning and continuous professional development.
Communicate and collaborate professionally with a diverse range of stakeholders using a range of communication strategies and visual analytic tools.
Plan and execute research projects that inform sports analytics practice.

Course structure

The course requires the completion of 120 credit points over one year of full-time or equivalent part-time study.

First year

First year (120 credit points)
Teaching period Subject code Subject title Credit points
TE-SEM-1 LTU0AIM * Academic Integrity Module 0
TE-SEM-1 EXS5PSA Principles of Sports Analytics 15
TE-SEM-1 CSE4DBF Database Fundamentals 15
TE-SEM-1 CSE5DSS Decision Support Systems 15
TE-SEM-1 CSE4OOF Object Oriented Programming Fundamentals 15
TE-SEM-2 BUS5PA Predictive Analytics 15
TE-SEM-2 BUS5VA Visual Analytics 15
TE-SEM-2 EXS5SDC Sports Data Capture 15
TE-SEM-2 EXS5SAP Sports Analytics in Practice 15

Key:*LTU0AIM is a zero-credit-point subject that you are required to complete at the commencement of your first semester. The subject is designed to enhance your knowledge and awareness of issues concerning academic integrity.