University Handbook 2017

Screen Studies

2017 Commencement

Major Description

The Major in Screen Studies recognises that today's students belong to the networked generation, engaging with film, television, music and video across a range of platforms, from Netflix to YouTube. In a context of rapid change, the Screen Studies major offers students a solid grounding in conceptual thinking and creative practice, focusing on the love of storytelling and our fascination with reality on screen. In first year, students will learn the language of screen narrative and explore the creative possibilities of screen and sound media. In second year, students will learn new concepts to think about our deep engagement with characters, actors and avatars on screen; they will also explore old and new ways of picturing the world, from festival films to Virtual Reality. In third year, students will hone their skills as conceptual thinkers and creative producers, learning the art of screen criticism and immersing themselves in screen culture. The Screen Studies major recognises the diverse career paths open to graduates in education, administration, cultural, creative and community sectors. Screen Studies graduates will have the opportunity to use their conceptual and creative skills to initiate projects, conduct research, teach and communicate ideas in engaging and innovative ways.

Major structure


To Acheive a Screen Studies Major, students must complete:


  • All core subjects as indicated below

All subjects are 15 credit points each unless otherwise stated.

First Year
MSS1SSA (S1) Introduction to Screen and Sound
CRA1ECA (S1) Exploring Creative Arts
Second Year
MSS2SSB (S1) Screen and Sound 2
MSS2CFI (S2) Contemporary World Cinema
MSS2PER (S2) Screen Sound and Performance
Third Year
MSS3SCI (S1) Screen Culture: Land, Sex and Collective
MSS3SSC (S1) Screen and Sound 3
MSS3FCR (S2) Screen Criticism
S1 = Semester 1, S2 = Semester 2

For a guide on how to suitably structure this degree and plan your enrolment download a copy of the Course Map.


Students completing a single major will have to complete eleven (15 credit point) elective subjects.

Students completing a double major will have to complete three (15 credit point) elective subjects.  

Electives can be additional subjects from your major area of study (as listed below).

 First Year
HUS1MOV (S1) Moving Text
CRA1PWR (S2) Professional Writing
Second Year
CRA2SMI (SUM 3) Shakespeare and the Moving Image (City Campus)
MSS2SSP (S1) Screenplay Soundplay
MSS2SCV (S2) Shooting Shorts
Third Year
MSS3DOC (S1) Documentary and Production
MSS3ADS (S2) Screenwriting Project
MSS3WEB (S2) Web Series Production
S1 = Semester 1, S2 = Semester 2, SUM 3 = Summer 3

The Major Core and Elective subjects are available for students who are not enrolled in a Screen Studies major. Please note: Some subjects may be restricted or have pre-requisite requirements.

Electives can also be subjects from within Humanities and Social Sciences or from across the University. To view subjects within Humanitites and Social Sciences please see:


To view  subjects from across the University please see:



Honours Students interested in undertaking an Honours year in Screen Studies should contact the Discipline Coordinator. For further information please contact ASK La Trobe (for current student enquiries) or call 1300 135 045 (for prospective student enquiries).