Facilitate bold research

Our mission at La Trobe is to lead the way in developing creative and innovative responses to the fundamental challenges facing the world today.

To support this mission, we have identified five cross-disciplinary Research Focus Areas (RFAs) that build on our strengths and address some of the most pressing questions affecting the future of human societies and their environments.

The RFAs are led by recognised research leaders responsible for engaging researchers across disciplinary boundaries to work on key research questions. The critical mass of expertise and capability in the RFAs broadens the opportunities for collaboration and game-changing partnerships. These flagship RFA programs are:

With your support, we can increase our investment in brilliant researchers and accelerate key research in areas of national and global significance. You may choose to support an early career PhD student in undertaking ground-breaking new research or give to a research area you are passionate about like parenting, autism, mental health or regional aged care.

Speak with us today about supporting ground-breaking research by calling (03) 9479 2011 or emailing fundraising@latrobe.edu.au