Anyone can make a difference - FutureMaker fund

You can join our growing alumni community of FutureMakers and give to the FutureMaker Scholarship Fund.

Since 2012 over 600 alumni have chosen to become FutureMakers, supporting the creation of eight FutureMaker Scholarships. That means, together, the La Trobe alumni community have changed the future for eight young people.

For each of these eight students, we know there are many more who will miss out on the same opportunity.

How many futures can you help change?

By making a donation today, you can help create more life-changing opportunities for disadvantaged students from diverse backgrounds. Indigenous students, students from rural communities, refugee backgrounds and families experiencing financial hardship all need your support.

Together we can create a brighter future for not only the next generation of La Trobe alumni but also for the communities we live in.

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