Condamine River Ecological Assessments

Just downstream of the township of Chinchilla (Qld), there are a couple of sections of the Condamine River where methane is bubbling up through the river bed.

La Trobe University is working collaboratively on a project led by Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), who are assessing whether the methane seeps in the river have any direct effect on the water quality and ecological status of the river.

We're conducting regular field trips to the Condamine River examine water and sediment quality, riverine biological communities and food web structures. More recently, the team has included La Trobe University researchers who are examining fish movement in the Condamine River, with particular emphasis on the seep zones. The river has highly modified flows, which combined with methane seeps, appears to combine to affect the oxygen levels in the river and we are now examining whether this represents any form of physical barrier to fish movement.