Thai Uyen Chi Le

Causal modelling for socio-economic-ecological outcomes of various flow regimes in the Murray-Darling Basin River Basin, Australia.

The planning and management of environmental water regimes should integrate environmental and socioeconomic objectives. This proposed study intends to utilize causal modelling as a novel tool to model the causal effects of various water regimes on a river ecosystem, and explore how such a model could be used to establish reasonable ecological targets and sustainable diversion limits, taking into account existing economic and socioeconomic models in the Murray-Darling River Basin.

The project aims to:

  • Use existing long-term monitoring data to build a causal model that can be used to predict the effect of different water regimes on the water quality and macroinvertebrate assemblages of the Murray River.
  • Use existing economic models to simulate the effects of different water regimes on regional and local scale economies. Use the ecological and economic models to develop scenarios for environmental water regimes, and thus inform future policy and operational decisions regarding the management of environmental water.



March 2015 to March 2019