FocusOnResearch is a series of thought-provoking events for curious minds.

Held during October, these events replaced our traditional Research Week and were an opportunity to learn more about the impactful research happening at La Trobe, our collaborations and partnerships.

Check out the recordings of the event here:

In universities we trust: the role of university research in society

In the age of digital disruption, trust in our public institutions is in trouble, among the causalities of the emerging trust-deficit in our democracy is the public’s confidence in experts. This forum brought together researchers from a range of disciplines and career stages to contemplate what comes next as universities grapple with resetting during and after COVID. View the event here.

Opening opportunities: how partnering with industry can unlock new possibilities

Forming partnerships and working collaboratively with industry is one of the key enablers to enhancing research impact. Discover how our strategic partnerships with Optus and Medibank are bringing value to researchers through benefits such as funding and are working together to meet community demands. View the event here.

The La Trobe Industry PHD: connecting world class research with business

In this engaging panel discussion you’ll discover how our Industry PhD program is improving industry research and outcomes across Victoria. You’ll hear from two diverse partner organisations and learn how our world leading research is contributing to their success. View the event here.

Creating a ‘carer friendly’ research culture

Caring work continues to pose particular barriers to career progression. While the gender gap is narrowing, the majority of caring work continues to be carried out by women. The global pandemic has exacerbated this gender divide, with the closure of schools and childcare centres, women are doing more care work than ever and there is a risk that hard-won gender equity goals will be regressed. In this event, a panel of experts proposes solutions to how Universities could better support those with caring responsibilities. View the event here.

Risky Business: The politics of preparing for a pandemic

A bold discussion about risk, and how dynamics of fear and mistrust impact equality and access during a pandemic. Our expert panel discussed the drivers of ‘panic-buying,’ from supermarket squabbles over toilet paper to global grabs for vaccines. The event is available to watch using the link here. Please note that you need to register for the event to be able to view the recording.


Listen to these short interviews with our researchers to discover the passion behind their projects. Click on the name below to watch each interview.

  • Professor Susan Dodds is our Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Industry Engagement). Her research is in applied ethics and political philosophy and she is recognised nationally and internationally for her leadership in research ethics and public policy development related to emerging medical technologies.
  • Dr Timothy Jones, a historian who researches equality, social cohesion and wellbeing in gender, sexuality and religion. He has worked as a consultant and visiting expert to numerous inquiries, including the UN Human Rights Council investigation into so called 'LGBT conversion therapy'.
  • Associate Professor Liz Conor is an ARC Future Fellow and author of two books, Liz has published widely in academic and mainstream press on gender, race and representation.
  • Dr Amy Dennett’s research explores how tele-rehabilitation can be implemented for cancer survivors and will help set them up for healthy active lifestyles.
  • Associate Professor Jodi Oakman's research is on the mental and physical health impacts of working from home and her project will develop guidelines on how to protect and optimise employee health and wellbeing while working from home.

The first series of Connected interviews (from July 2020) can be found here.

Shepparton Short Talks

This is your chance to hear more about the research activities happening on our Shepparton campus and beyond. Click each talk below to watch the event.

  • Talk 1: Dr Phuc Nguyen, Dr Mishel McMahon and Corina Modderman
  • Talk 2: Dr Darius von G├╝ttner, Dr Doug Robinson, Dr Margaret Hickey and Dr Lucinda Aberdeen