Webinar: Breakfast at Noon - Theo Williams, CEO at Localised

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Theo Williams profile photo In a time of uncertainty, learning to adapt to change and being innovative is the key to success. In this monthly series, we invite you to join a conversation with those who are ensuring learning to adapt and continue to grow is of a top priority especially during a time of the unknown. Breakfast at Noon is an informal way get into the minds of entrepreneurs and change-makers and learn how being creative, innovative and an opportunist can help you succeed.

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Tuesday 15 September 2020 12:00 pm until Tuesday 15 September 2020 01:00 pm (Add to calendar)
Lauren Giusti - Program and Events Coordinator, La Trobe Innovation and Entrepreneurship
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Marcus Powe and Jaxon Hickey
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Theo Williams, CEO - Localised

Theo is founder, director and CEO of Localised. Proudly a feedback junkie who actively seeks input from people and customers to build new products and tools to achieve their goals.

Localised is a digital community for local business; helping businesses cut through the noise and connect to local people, expertise and opportunities that will help them grow. He works with government and good corporates to build and activate online business communities to build resilience and grow micro-economies.

He is a loving dad, an experimenter, placer of bets, and a lifelong learner. With deep experience in product ideation, development, project management, implementation, community activation, digital campaigns, sales and customer support. He loves working with others to test ideas and is not afraid to grow from having a go.


Marcus Powe

Marcus founded EIC Growth Pty Ltd to assist CEO's and leaders implement, embed and measure creativity and innovation systems that result in enterprising behaviours.

He specialises in the growth of for profit and not for profit organisations that operate in the turbulence of national and international market places.

Marcus has twice been awarded by the Business and Higher Education Round table as Australia's Best Entrepreneurial Educator and for sustained excellence in collaboration between business and universities in Australia.

Jaxon Hickey

At the end of each event, you will be hearing from Jaxon Hickey who will provide 'The Jaxon 5', the top 5 takeaways and tips from the conversation.

Jaxon Hickey has been involved in and led entrepreneurship activities as a founder, educator and director across large global markets.

In his current position as Director of Global Strategy and International Operations, he leads the International expansion of a New Zealand based software company into the North American markets.

He also educates entrepreneurship and innovation across two leading Universities in Sydney and Melbourne.

La Trobe University, Melbourne Campus



8th May 2021 12:29pm

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