Victorian Council of Deans of Education - 2018 Conference

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The 2018 VCDE conference explores the recommendations, findings and next steps of the Gonski 2.0 report, Through Growth to Achievement: Report of the review to achieve educational excellence in Australian schools.

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Monday 06 August 2018 09:15 am until Monday 06 August 2018 03:30 pm (Add to calendar)
Joanna Barbousas
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Victorian Council of Deans of Education
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Do we give a Gonski 2.0: Exploring recommendations and system-wide implications for professional collaborations towards quality education.

The conference will consider the key issues in the report with particular focus on how systems and stakeholders create, value and support a profession of expert educators to equip every student to grow and succeed in a changing world.

…schooling must support every one of Australia’s 3.8 million school students to realise their full learning potential and achieve educational excellence. (Through growth to achievement 2018).

It is without argument that all professional bodies and stakeholders are committed to enhancing the quality of education in Australia. However, the level of resourcing and collaborative opportunities is reliant on partnership engagement and government commitment to develop funding models that enhance expertise through partnership involvement.

The report recognises strategies for achieving educational excellence in Australian Schools through;

  • Engaging Parents, carers and students as partners in learning
  • Equipping every student to grow and succeed in a changing world
  • Creating, supporting and valuing a profession of expert educators
  • Empowering and supporting school leaders
  • Raising and achieving ambitions through innovation and continuous improvement

This conference will interrogate these key focus areas and provide workshop opportunities for University providers, Community leaders, School leaders, teacher educators, government bodies, and regulatory authorities to explore the opportunities and limitations in actualising a pragmatic approach to achieving quality education in Victoria.

Full conference program and presenters to be provided soon.


Level 20, La Trobe University, City Campus

360 Collins Street, Melbourne



22nd Jul 2018 6:36am

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