Trump vs Biden: the US Election and Implications for Asia

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A La Trobe Asia/Perth USAsia Centre webinar

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Wednesday 07 October 2020 05:00 pm until Wednesday 07 October 2020 06:00 pm (Add to calendar)
La Trobe Asia
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La Trobe Asia and Perth USAsia Centre
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Public Lecture; Public

The 2020 United States presidential election is weeks away, and the stakes have never been higher. A global pandemic, frayed diplomatic relations and struggling economies make the outcome of the race between incumbent Republican President Donald Trump and stalwart democratic contender Joe Biden internationally significant.

Over recent years, China has increasingly asserted its stake in the South China Sea, North Korea has stepped into the international spotlight, and India has flexed its military might at borders in every direction. Despite the Trump administration’s Indo-Pacific strategy, doubt has been cast on the long-term prospects of US leadership and presence in the region. The outcome of the election will likely shape the global balance of power and US-Asian relations for many years to come.

What might Asia expect from four more years of a Trump presidency? What does a Biden presidency promise for Asia, and is it likely to improve regional co-operation? Or will the nations of Asia find strength in pursuing greater strategic autonomy?


  • Frank Lavin (former White House Political Director; former U.S. Ambassador to Singapore)
  • Professor Gordon Flake (Chief Executive Officer, Perth USAsia Centre)
  • Dr Kyungjin Song (Director, FN Global Issues Center)

Chair: Dr Rebecca Strating (Executive Director, La Trobe Asia)

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30th Jul 2021 2:28am

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