The paradox of chemsex: bringing people together and breaking the gay community apart

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Dr Maurice Nagington (The University of Manchester) presents research on chemsex for ARCSHS free lunch time seminar series.

Wednesday 22 August 2018 01:00 pm until Wednesday 22 August 2018 02:00 pm (Add to calendar)
ARCSHS Event Staff; (03) 9479 8700
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Dr Maurice Nagington (The University of Manchester)
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Public Lecture
Free (no RSVP required)

Chemsex as a phenomenon is not new. However, it's naming and ordering as a particular practice (sexual), consisting of certain people (gay and bi men), taking specific substances ("chems", also stereotyped as a "unholy trinity" of GBL, mephadrone, and methamphetamine), in specified places (private parties in private residences) has increasingly given it an inflection that logically subjects it to prohibitionist strategies. In this paper I will bring into dialogue the on-going longitudinal interviews that I am conducting with twenty gay men in Manchester (UK), with films (documentary and pornographic), novels, and plays to explore the radically different (sometimes paradoxical) representations of how chemsex is either bringing people together into the "same place", or tearing the safe places of the gay community apart. Finally, I will critique how the different emotions invested in these various texts structure the possible relationship(s) between chemsex and place.

Dr Maurice Nagington is an early career researcher at The University of Manchester, UK. His research interests span gender and sexuality, HIV, death and dying, the ethics and morality of care work, and the sociology of health and illness. To date his research has primarily been informed through empirical methods such as interviews and ethnographic field work. More recently, as part of his current research on gay men’s use of drugs in sexualised settings (colloquially called ‘chemsex’), he has been experimenting with incorporating analysis of films, literary works and music with the analysis of longitudinal interview data.


Building NR 8, Bundooora,



16th Oct 2018 6:36pm

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