The colonial project of gender: Thinking through museums, creative representation and research imperatives

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Dr Sandy O'Sullivan smiling in front of a pinboard in a grey shirt and patterned tie You are invited to this public research seminar, livestreamed on Zoom Webinar, by Dr Sandy O'Sullivan (University of the Sunshine Coast), as part of the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society (ARCSHS) Research and Practice Seminar Series.

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Wednesday 18 November 2020 04:00 pm (Add to calendar)
Dr Renae Fomiatti
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Associate Professor Sandy O'Sullivan
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National and university-led imperatives frequently highlight the need for diverse representation and engagement, but how well do they enact these?  In this presentation, I’ll explore ideas of how both diverse gender(s) and First Nations’ representation are engaged, avoided and sometimes erased in spite of efforts focused on inclusion. In addition to considering this in the context of universities, the presentation will focus on what universities and research at-large can learn from the work (and the missteps) of representation in GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums) contexts. To do this, I’ll highlight findings from both a 2010-2018 ARC project that explored the capacity for museums and Keeping Places to adequately engage and represent the complexity of First Nations’ peoples, and point to the work carried out following the first ‘Museum Queeries’ symposium in 2017. The findings of these studies formed the basis for a 2020-2024 ARC Future Fellowship that will explore the work of representation by First Nations’ queer creatives.  I’ll discuss how this new project will demonstrate the need for visible and repeatable ideas of representation as it focuses on challenges to the colonial project that continues to limit the scope of acceptable representation across all spaces of identity representation.

About Associate Professor Sandy O’Sullivan

Associate Professor Sandy O’Sullivan is a Wiradjuri transgender/non-binary person.  An Associate Professor in Creative Industries at the University of the Sunshine Coast, they work across creativities, performance, gender and queer studies, museum studies framed within identity and representation.  Sandy recently received a Future Fellowship to work on a research program titled Saving Lives: Mapping the influence of Indigenous LGBTIQ+ creative artists.

Online - Zoom Webinar

La Trobe University



26th Oct 2021 9:55am

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