Responding to Digital Social Inequity in Melbourne's Public Housing

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Public Housing image Join us for a discussion on responding to digital social inequity in Public Housing by improving access

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Tuesday 14 September 2021 03:00 pm (Add to calendar)
Mark Raffael
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Katie Holmes, Tarryn Phillips, Fiona Wright & Megan Turnley
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La Trobe University’s Digital Innovation Hub in partnership with NBNCo presents an expert panel to deliver an in depth discussion on digital social inequity in Public Housing.

The panel will cover how poor broadband access has impacted the problem of digital social inequity and how it has manifested, ways in which the problem has played out for ethnically diverse communities and how the problem is being addressed by NBNCo and the local government. After this discussion, we welcome you, the audience, to contribute to the conversation.

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Katie Holmes - Social Equity Theme Leader, La Trobe University

Katie Holmes an environmental historian and environmental humanities scholar, internationally known for her work on how individuals interact with their culture, society and environment. She is interested in how people make sense of the world around them and how this changes over time. Her work has helped transform the field of environmental history in Australia into a mode of understanding the experience of Australian settlement, one shaped by climate and landscape which in turn shapes culture and policy.

Tarryn Phillips - Dept of Social Inquiry, La Trobe University

Dr Tarryn Phillips is a senior lecturer in Crime, Justice and Legal Studies in the Department of Social Inquiry at La Trobe University. She is a medical anthropologist who researches inequality, health and wellbeing in a range of contexts in Australia and the Pacific. Her current research interests include the uneven social impacts of COVID-19, and the ways in which people access and use digital technologies in the context of a pandemic.

Fiona Wright - Executive Manager Community & Stakeholder Engagement Vic/Tas, NBNCo

Fiona is currently the Executive Manager for nbn’s Community and Stakeholder Engagement team covering metropolitan zones in Victoria and Tasmania. The team’s focus is on building relationships and working in partnership with a diverse range of stakeholders across government, community, and business sectors to ultimately lift the digital capability of all Australians.

Fiona originally started her career as a radio and TV producer in the UK. Since then, she’s worked for large, complex corporates such as the BBC, Australia Post, Government agencies and supported small business start-ups, working for amazing brands all over the world solving strategic problems with a single aim: to collectively create a better future for everyone.

Fiona lives in Melbourne with her husband Nick, two teenage boys and epileptic border collie, Alife.

Megan Turnley - Strategy and Transformation Lead, Yarra CityLab at Yarra City Council

Megan is a strategy and transformation specialist. She has delivered national and global change programs across the public and private sectors and is currently leading the smart city approach at the City of Yarra. Operating as an internal consultant, Megan is advancing smart city opportunities that address social, equity and safety agendas. Megan is a member of The Change Management Institute and has informed several industry panels including the Prime Minister’s Skills 4.0 Taskforce and the National Industry 4.0 Taskforce.

Rei Chin - Community Development Manager, Carringbush Adult Education

Rei is the Community Development Manager at Carringbush Adult Education, a not-for-profit Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and Learn Local Provider based in the City of Yarra in Victoria. He role’s mission is to innovate and deliver capacity building projects that increase the social and economic inclusion of community members who are migrants and refugees experiencing marginalisation or discrimination.

Rei is a qualified English as an Additional Language teacher and is experienced in meeting the language, literacy and learning needs of English language learners, particularly those who have experienced significant disruptions to their primary and secondary education. She uses her skills as a teacher in her community development work, applying strengths-based approaches to support individuals to acknowledge and build on their existing strengths.

Conor Sibly - Community Development Worker, North Richmond Capacity Building Initiative, Belgium Avenue Neighbourhood House

Conor Sibly is an experienced Community Development practitioner and is passionate about social justice and working with local communities to create fair and equitable change. Conor is currently a community development worker for Belgium Avenue Neighbourhood House, working on a place-based project, the North Richmond Community Capacity Building Initiative. The initiative seeks to work with public housing residents to improve outcomes across a variety of domains including health and wellbeing, safety and security, and social and economic participation.

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La Trobe University




28th Jan 2022 8:49pm

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