Public Health Seminar - Body image in children: gender and age differences, and relationships with sports participation

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A Department of Public Health seminar presented by Fernanda Nava Buenfil.

Wednesday 09 October 2019 01:00 pm until Wednesday 09 October 2019 02:00 pm (Add to calendar)
Merilyn Riley, Susan Chong;
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Fernanda Nava Buenfil
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Body image is considered to have an important impact on both physical and mental health.  Individuals who are not satisfied with their bodies may engage in compensatory behaviours such as inappropriate dietary practices, compulsive exercise, and social avoidance; these practices can lead to health-related problems such as eating disorders, obesity, depression, and low self esteem.

Considering these consequences for health and the scope for their prevention, there is a growing literature on understanding body image in children. The primary aim of this research was to contribute to the knowledge base of body image in children by examining age and gender differences on multiple dimensions of body image that are relevant to boys and girls.  A secondary aim of this research was to identify possible associations between various dimensions of body image and participation in sports in children. Three hundred and thirty nine boys and girls from grades 3 to 6 from a representative sample of 13 Catholic elementary schools in the North and West metropolitan region of Melbourne, Australia, participated in the study.  Results from the examination of a wide spectrum of body image dimensions, including body size satisfaction, body esteem, desire for muscularity, and social physique anxiety, showed that there were differences with respect to age and gender.  There were no differences in body image for participants in aesthetic and non-aesthetic sports.

Fernanda Nava Buenfil is an Associate Lecturer in Public Health at La Trobe University. She has a nutritional background and holds BA (Hons) in Nutrition, a MASc in Human Performance, and a Doctorate in Public Health. Her experience in public health also includes designing, developing and evaluating public health programs dealing with obesity, nutrition and prevention of malnutrition at the National Institute of Public Health in Mexico.

Her research work is currently focused on prevention of obesity, malnutrition, physical activity, and eating disorders.

Lecture details

1.00-2.00 pm, Wednesday 9 October 2019
Bundoora: HS2 440 (light lunch provided); Collins St: Room 360C-2.20D (video conference).

If you will attend the Bundoora venue please RSVP for catering purposes.


For more information please contact Merilyn Riley or Susan Chong.

Merilyn and Susan also welcome colleagues who would like to present at the seminar, and suggestions for speakers.

Health Science 2, La Trobe University, Bundoora Victoria 3083



28th Sep 2020 3:02pm

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