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Thursday 01 April 2021 12:00 pm until Thursday 01 April 2021 01:00 pm (Add to calendar)
Andriy Olenko
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Title: Mining Lipidomics for Biological Insight


Lipidomics is the study of all lipids that make up cells and organisms. Abnormal lipid metabolism is associated with many cardiovascular risk factors.  The Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute has generated lipidomic datasets for several population studies. These datasets can contain hundreds of lipid species and sample numbers ranging from hundreds to several thousands. During lipidomic analysis unwanted variation can arise due to variation from technical sources, which unwanted variation removal algorithms aim to minimise. This project aims to develop multivariate methodologies for dealing with unwanted variation in lipidomic datasets and modelling the metabolic associations between groups of lipid species and participant characteristics. We intend to use eigenlipids to explore the existence, onset or progression of metabolic disease. We have demonstrated that eigenlipids can outperform many individual lipid species in predicting cardiovascular risk factors. To identify technical sources of unwanted variation in the plasma lipidome during laboratory processing we recently performed a laboratory experiment, which will support the utilisation of unwanted variation removal algorithms for removing variation from laboratory processing in pre-existing datasets.




18th Oct 2021 1:22pm

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