Multi-type age-structured population model

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You are welcome to attend the following Statistics and Stochastic colloquium (part of the Colloquium Series of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics) at La Trobe University.

Thursday 01 October 2020 12:00 pm (Add to calendar)
Andriy Olenko
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Dr Jie Yen FAN, Monash University
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Abstract: Population process in general setting, where each individual reproduces and dies depending on the state (such as age and type) of the individual as well as the entire population, offers a more realistic framework to population modelling. Formulating the population dynamics as a measure-valued stochastic process allows us to incorporate such dependence. We describe the dynamics of a multi-type age-structured population as a measure-valued process, and obtain its asymptotics, in particular, the law of large numbers and the central limit theorem.

Joint work with Kais Hamza, Peter Jagers and Fima Klebaner.




29th Oct 2020 2:25am

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