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August Seminar

Wednesday 11 August 2021 03:00 pm until Wednesday 11 August 2021 03:00 pm (Add to calendar)
Lauren De Losa
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Living with Disability Research Centre
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Snapshots of research about improving the lives of people with cognitive disabilities 

This seminar focuses on some of the outcomes of the collaborative partnership between the Living with Disability Research Centre, La Trobe University, and the Summer Foundation. It will provide an overview of the research program with examples of recently completed projects and preliminary findings from current projects.

Changing policy, practice and systems through programmatic research

Emeritus Professor Jacinta Douglas, Living with Disability Research Centre and Summer Foundation

The lives of younger people in aged care are characterised by boredom, loneliness and grief. They are therefore denied many of the everyday choices that we take for granted. Younger residents in aged care have substantially different needs from elderly residents and aged care facilities do not have the resources, expertise, or culture to support them. This presentation will demonstrate the purpose and principles of the Summer Foundation and Living with Disability research program. It will do so through the presentation of findings from projects with the common aim of preventing young people with disability and complex needs from being forced to live in aged care.

Being a pioneer: A qualitative study of the experience of moving in the specialist disability accommodation (SDA) from the perspective of adults with neurological disability

Dr Stacey Oliver, Summer Foundation and Living with Disability Research Centre, La Trobe University

Suitable housing is essential for stability, dignity, and quality of life. The National Disability Insurance Scheme provides funding from people with complex disabilities in Australia to access Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA). This presentation will explore ways to better understand the experiences of moving into new SDA housing from the perspective of people with disabilities. In this study, seventeen adults with neurological disability undertook semi-structured interviews at two time-points. These interviews explored participants' quality of life, community participation, social connections, and support use. Emergent themes reflected the contrasting nature of participants' lives in their pre-move homes versus their new SDA homes and the challenge of transitioning between the two.

"I've always wanted to work like this but felt it was out of reach": Hopes and expectations of participating in a co-design storytelling project

Dr Kate D'Cruz, Summer Foundation and Living with Disability Research Centre, La Trobe University

Adults with disabilities frequently describe feeling disempowered and excluded from research and policy decisions that impact their lives. Co-design approaches to research and policy present an opportunity to better hear the voice of people with disabilities through a collaborative process of knowledge sharing and problem solving. However, there is limited understanding of the best approaches to co-design engagement with people with complex disabilities and cognitive/communication impairments. This presentation will explore one project that used qualitative research design. For this project, interviews were conducted with nine participants; three co-design facilitators and six contributors with acquired neurological disorders. The purpose of the co-design project was to create capacity building tools, informed by the lived experiences of the contributors, to be shared with young people with disabilities living in residential aged care. The findings emphasise the importance of creating opportunities to engage in empowering and collaborative work with people with lived experience of disability, while also recognising the challenges of such work.



30th Jun 2022 9:11am

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