Living with Disability Research Centre Research Seminar Series

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September Seminar

Wednesday 09 September 2020 03:00 pm until Wednesday 09 September 2020 05:00 pm (Add to calendar)
Dr David Henderson
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Living with Disability Research Centre
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IMPORTANT: Due to the social distancing measures still in place across Victoria, this Seminar will be hosted on Zoom. To join us via Zoom, please email requesting the Zoom link.

3:00 pm - Dr Alan Hough

Director, Purpose at Work

The NDIS Quality & Safeguarding Scheme in context

Criminal investigations are underway in Australia and Britain about the abuse and neglect of people with disability. In both countries, questions are being raised about the regulation of disability service providers and the about the regulators. This presentation will place the work and responsibilities of NDIS Quality & Safeguarding Scheme in context. It will begin by exploring key concepts and design elements of the regulatory scheme and teasing out some of the inherent tensions associated with the clash between the logics of markets, empowerment, the Bureaucratic State and the Protective State. The presentation will then identify what can be learnt from existing scholarship on the regulation of human services and offer some preliminary thoughts on the establishment of a research agenda for disability service regulation.

4:00 pm - Jade McEwen

PhD Candidate, Living with Disability Research Centre, La Trobe University

Administrative compliance or personal outcomes? Exploring service quality from the perspective of leaders and frontline staff in day service organisations. 

Definitions of what good service quality is and how it is monitored within disability service organisations have been largely set by government during the past 30 years in Australia. Methods used by government to monitor service quality have focused primarily on documents and records within organisations, rather than frontline practice. It is not known how this approach has influenced the way service quality is perceived by staff within disability service organisations, or if organisations make additional efforts to monitor service quality outside the confines of government regulation. This presentation explores the findings of research undertaken with frontline staff and leaders within day service organisations, in an attempt to understand how they perceived and monitored service quality. Findings reveal contrasting perceptions among participants about service quality, that suggests a sense of confusion within the sector about what it is and how it should be monitored.



15th Jun 2021 8:18pm

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