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November Seminar

Wednesday 10 November 2021 03:00 pm until Wednesday 10 November 2021 05:00 pm (Add to calendar)
Lauren De Losa
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Living with Disability Research Centre
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Skills for working with people with intellectual disabilities
Our first presentation focuses on workforce skills for working with people with intellectual disabilities who have mental illness. And our second presentation reviews the knowledge base about communication, and how that knowledge base informs good communication support.

Preparedness of a regional rural mental health workforce to support people with intellecutal disabilities

Dr Jo Spong, Lecturer, Rural Health School, La Trobe University

There is a greater vulnerability to mental ill health for people with intellectual disability than those in the general population. The associated cognitive and communication impairments can challenge health services when trying to provide sufficient care to people with intellectual disability. Adjustments to standard models of care are required for people with intellectual disability and mental ill health to reduce the risk of diagnostic overshadowing, where symptoms are attributed to the intellectual disability, and consequently possible exacerbation of the condition. There is evidence, however, that mental health professionals are feeling inexperienced and lacking confidence to manage the complex needs of people with intellectual disability and mental ill health. This is particularly concerning for people with intellectual disability who are living in regional rural areas where barriers to accessing health services already exist. This presentation will describe a project conducted to identify the preparedness, training needs, resources and supports of a regional rural public mental health workforce in providing care and services to people with intellectual disability and mental ill health.

He doesn’t communicate, I just know what he wants: The complexity of communication for people with intellectual disabilities

Professor Teresa Iacono, Living with Disability Research Centre, La Trobe University

People with intellectual disability vary in their communication abilities. This characteristic is well understood to be the case, but largely considered in terms of binary dimensions, such as speaking or not speaking, or receptive versus expressive communication. In fact, communication is multi-dimensional, regardless of its form in any one individual. Efficient and effective communication relying on the nexus that occurs between form, content and use. How an individual develops and brings these dimensions together depends on learning and life experiences, and supports provided within communication contexts and interactions. In this presentation, understanding of the communication of people with intellectual disabilities and practices thought to create facilitative contexts will be challenged.



25th May 2022 2:51pm

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