Living with Disability Research Centre 2020 Research Seminar Series

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February Seminar

Wednesday 12 February 2020 03:00 pm until Wednesday 12 February 2020 05:00 pm (Add to calendar)
Dr David Henderson
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Living with Disability Research Centre
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3:00 pm - Dr Lincoln Humphreys

Research Fellow, Living with Disability Research Centre, La Trobe University

Front-line Practice Leadership: what it is and how to do it

Front-line Practice Leadership is a form of frontline management designed to influence how direct support staff support people with intellectual disabilities. One aim of practice leadership is to develop the Active Support skills of disability support workers, so that people with intellectual disabilities experience enhanced quality of life. Recently there has been increased interest in practice leadership by both researchers and service providers. This presentation will outline what Front-line practice leadership is and will provide an overview of some of the current research evidence around the nature of Practice Leadership. It will also explore some of the work we are doing at the Living with Disability Research Centre to disseminate information about Front-line Practice Leadership to frontline supervisors and service providers.

4:00 pm - Per Arvidsson

Visiting Scholar, PhD Candidate, Malmo University Sweden

Implementing Practice Leadership in a community setting, examples from Malmo, Sweden

This presentation reports on the progress of an ongoing restructure of the Malmo (Sweden) department of disability services, where Practice Leadership is being used as dynamic roadmap to underpin the restructure of these disability services. The department for disability services in Malmo has over 2,500 employees, who cater for approximately 3,000 service users. This presentation will report on findings from this ongoing project. It focuses primarily on the reorganisation of frontline management in these services and outlines approaches that might help to develop sustainable and professional organisational structures for disability services in Sweden.

Meeting Room 203, Health Sciences 1 (Level 2).

La Trobe University



7th Mar 2021 12:04pm

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