Living with Disability Research Centre 2019 Research Seminar Series

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October Seminar

Wednesday 09 October 2019 03:00 pm until Wednesday 09 October 2019 05:00 pm (Add to calendar)
Dr David Henderson
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Living with Disability Research Centre
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3:00 pm - Professor Ellie Fossey

Head of Occupational Therapy, Monash University

How are consumers involved in mental health education in Australian and New Zealand occupational therapy programs and what are the barriers and facilitators to involvement?    

This presentation reports on findings from an online survey of 23 occupational therapy programs across 19 universities in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand. Mental health policies and professional accreditation standards require consumer involvement in occupational therapy curriculum design, delivery and evaluation. All surveyed programs reported some consumer involvement in curriculum delivery. The most common enabler was “positive attitudes of teaching staff”; the most common barrier was “funding/remuneration for consumers”. Consumer involvement in occupational therapy curricula has increased over the past decade. Ongoing effort is required to support collaboration in curriculum delivery, and change is required at university level to establish systems to engage and effectively remunerate consumers, especially for their involvement in design and evaluation.

4:00 pm - Anne Williams

PhD Candidate, School of Allied Health, Human Services & Sport, La Trobe University

Using e-mental health resources together: A qualitative study of consumer and worker experiences in community mental health practice

How can community mental health services support consumers in their self-management and personal recovery and what future role might e-mental health resources play? These questions were addressed in a multi-partnered Victorian research program that developed an e-mental health resource, called Self-Management And Recovery Technology (SMART), for people living with severe mental illness. In this presentation, Anne will share her findings from her PhD exploring the experiences of 37 consumers and 15 workers who used the SMART website. Data collection was through individual semi-structured interviews and concurrent with data analysis, in line with constructivist grounded theory methods. Using the SMART website initiated a shared process of ‘discovering ways of keeping life on track’ that included revealing and exploring consumers’ experiences and developing new perspectives about how consumers did or could keep their lives on track. These promising findings indicate that using e-mental health resources is worthy of further implementation and research in community mental health practice.

Library Seminar Room 1.34, Level 1.

Borchardt Library, La Trobe University



8th Aug 2020 2:36am

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