Leadership: The role of a leader in the reskilling era

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Leadership Banner Leadership: The role of a leader in the reskilling era

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Tuesday 29 November 2022 10:00 am until Tuesday 29 November 2022 11:00 am (Add to calendar)
Elizabeth Lim
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La Trobe Industry
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Public Lecture; Seminar/Workshop/Training

Leadership is transforming. The workforce is entering the new era of reskilling and upskilling where companies and employees are looking inward to invest in their employee’s life-long learning journey. As industry transforms through artificial intelligence, automation and other technologies, workforces will need to adapt and to guide employees through these transitions, they are seeking a service-leadership approach, where leaders with transparency, foresight and humility as attributes valued deeply in the post-pandemic work environment.

Uplifting and enabling workers requires a different mindset, leadership is expected to be able to foster an environment of support and empowerment for employees while maintaining productivity challenges. After the uncertainty experienced across the COVID-19 impact, people have grown tired of surprises and seek to exist in a work environment that allows one to have greater clarity of thought – by eliminating the unknowns that continue to creep into our minds with each decision we make or relationship we foster.

So how can we as leaders adapt our leadership style to meet these new leadership expectations and attributes? How best can we uplift our workforce and be at the forefront this new era and not be left as an organisation, or leave our employees behind?

Join us for the first webinar of our leadership series on Tuesday 29 November for one-hour with Dr Colin White – Senior Vice President and General Manager, Advanced Staining & Imaging, Leica Biosystems where we discuss how leadership has evolved over the time in industries such as cancer diagnostics, the diversified resource sector and engineering in general, how imperative a culture of lifelong learning is to ensure a robust workforce and keys to building high performance teams motivated to succeed.

Dr Colin White

Dr Colin White is an IVD industry veteran with more than 20 years of experience in conceiving, developing and commercializing systems that advance the practice of pathology.

Colin is currently the Senior Vice President and General Manager, Advanced Staining & Imaging at Leica Biosystems, a position he has held since 2015. Colin’s passion is innovation and motivating teams to develop solutions that advance patient care whilst also meeting the needs of healthcare providers and regulating bodies. Colin’s responsibilities cover Leica’s facilities in Melbourne, Bengaluru, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Amsterdam, Boston and Carlsbad.

Early in his career, Colin spent a decade with BHP, a global resources company. Colin has a PhD and bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.



4 Oct 2023 12:29 am

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