Event cancelled - Infrastructures of Care: Attending to ‘glitches’ in the provision of social support

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Cameron Duff CANCELLED: Unfortunately our Research and Practice Seminar with Associate Professor Cameron Duff has been cancelled and will not go ahead. We apologise for the inconvenience and hope you can join us at the next seminar.

Wednesday 19 August 2020 04:00 pm until Wednesday 19 August 2020 05:00 pm (Add to calendar)
Dr Renae Fomiatti
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Associate Professor Cameron Duff
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Public Lecture; Seminar/Workshop/Training; Public

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Event cancelled

Infrastructures of Care: Attending to ‘glitches’ in the provision of social support

Authors: Cameron Duff and Nicholas Hill

Time spent within mental health inpatient units and/or AOD residential rehabilitation services disrupts individual housing pathways and social relations in diverse ways. This paper draws from Lauren Berlant’s discussion of ‘infrastructure’ and ‘the commons’ to critically examine the housing and social supports provided to people within these services. Care within these spaces can be understood as a sociotechnical assemblage – what Berlant calls a “patterning of social form” – that organises housing pathways and modes of social recovery. We argue that the siloing of mental healthcare, AOD, and housing services into separate but loosely connected systems produces an infrastructural ‘glitch’; a breakdown in social forms that only compounds the disruption that contact with institutional spaces typically engenders. We suggest, following Berlant, that this infrastructural glitch demands new relations of care, maintenance and support in the fashioning of novel psychosocial and socio-material assemblages of health. This is to reimagine infrastructures of care as unique patternings of social form by which housing support may be delivered in more effective ways. Such a shift will also require critical rethinking of the assumption of linear service pathways common to much current housing and social service provision. To promote recovery and improve housing pathways we present a reformulation of care through the social justice lens of ‘the commons.’ The concept of the commons calls for the development of transformational infrastructures that recognise difference and facilitate affective attachments to the world. Revisioning practices of care to include housing and related support has the potential to improve housing outcomes and social recovery by offering new ways of thinking about the social infrastructures needed to achieve safety and inclusion.

About Cameron Duff

Cameron Duff is an Associate Professor at the Centre for People, Organisation and Work in the College of Business and Law at RMIT University in Melbourne. He is also a Fellow at the Future Social Services Institute, a research partnership between RMIT and the Victorian Council of Social Services. Duff’s research explores the role of social innovation in responding to complex health and social problems in urban settings. Duff has explored these themes in funded studies of precarious urban lives in Australia and Canada with a focus on problems of housing insecurity, substance use and mental illness.


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15th Aug 2020 1:16pm

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