HuSS GR Conference 2021 FAQs

Can I present as a milestone, after my scheduled progress review?

Please take note of the automatic 3-month grace period after the due date of your milestone. If the 2021 HuSS GR Conference falls within this grace period, you may simply discuss with your supervisor that you wish to present as a milestone during the conference.

I am in my first year and I have not accomplished a lot in my research. Should I still present?

Yes, this is an opportunity to present your research design and to obtain feedback on the theoretical and methodological approaches you are planning to use, as well as nuts and bolts feedback about proposed methods, techniques and data. It is also an opportunity to meet graduate researchers from other disciplines who are grappling with the similar issues in different contexts. Your life as a graduate researcher will be enriched by the inter-disciplinary networks you can build through opportunities like this.

Can I send my registration by email?

All presenters need to register officially; to register & to submit your abstract. Presenter Registration.

Registrations officially close on Thursday 9 September 2021. Scheduling will then commence and once in process, late abstracts cannot be accepted.

What can I do if I want to present but the registration is already close?

If you miss the 9 September registration deadline, please contact

How can my supervisor register?

Supervisors are asked to register, and to list all the presentations they need to attend, so that we can avoid scheduling clashes, particularly for oral milestone presentations. Supervisor Registration.

The deadline for registration is COB on Thursday 9 September 2021.

I would like to attend the conference as a non-presenter.

The conference program will include Zoom and Webinar links to all event sessions you wish to attend. The program will be circulated 10 days prior the conference; daily schedules with links will be emailed by 8:30am each day of the conference.  If you do not receive the program or daily schedules, please contact

I would like to amend my title and/or abstract, however, the final deadline for submission of abstracts has passed and the program is due for imminent release.

Once the program has been finalised, modifications to the title of your paper (and its content) can be made only at the presentation. The amended title will be used on the day of your presentation when the session is introduced by the Chair.

Do I have to attend the full two days of the conference?

The more sessions you attend, the more you will get out of the conference, both in terms of research training and the building of inter-disciplinary networks. It is a great forum for finding out how presentations are made and how audience members engage with the speakers through the questions they ask. The more sessions you attend, the more opportunities you will find for building inter-disciplinary connections through the discussion time.

Can my milestone presentation be scheduled on a preferred day?

Priorities for scheduling the themed sessions are (1) papers addressing common themes or employing common theoretical and analytical frameworks (2) the scheduling constraints of graduate researchers whose presentations are fulfilling an oral milestone requirement (3) the scheduling constraints of presenters and their supervisors.

The organizing committee does their best to accommodate requests for changes made before scheduling is finalized but please bear in mind that this is a complex and time-consuming task, and it is difficult to accommodate late requests without inconveniencing other presenters.

I am currently overseas. Can I choose a preferred timeslot due to time-zone differences?

Locations of HDRs across the La Trobe campuses and other possible international locations are taken note at the online registration form. Please note that the organizing committee will do their best to consider time-zone differences in scheduling the themed sessions.

What is the theme of the conference?

This is an inter-disciplinary conference that show cases the research being undertaken by all HuSS graduate researchers (there are 17 disciplines in the School). For this reason, inter-disciplinary sessions have themes, but the conference as a whole, does not.

Is there a fee to attend the conference?

The costs of holding the conference are covered by the School of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Will any Equity & Diversity or Accessibility features be offered at the conference?

If you have any accessibility concerns, please contact Deua Stojanovska at

Please do not hesitate to contact the HuSS Graduate Researcher Conference Committee at if you have any further queries.