2021 HuSS Graduate Research Conference Organising Committee

Andrew TyAndrew Ty

Andrew Ty is a Graduate Researcher in screen studies, working on a thesis that explores audiovisual and other non-aural means of delivering musical content. He is specifically focusing on the work of South Korean pop group BTS to demonstrate how intermedial performances of values, meanings, and identities connect with broader explorations of aesthetic cosmopolitanism in contemporary pop music.

Deua StojanovskaDeua Stojanovska

Deua Stojanovska is a Graduate Researcher with a background in (dis)ability advocacy work. Her research focuses on how people living with chronic health conditions draw on multifaceted and fluid ways of care to support their wellbeing.

Hoa DoHoa Do

Hoa Do is currently a third year PhD student in Sociolinguistics, working on language attitudes and language maintenance efforts regarding Vietnamese as a community language in Australia.

Jen GinsbergJen Ginsberg

Jen Ginsberg is growing older, with the emphasis on growing. This year she is completing a Masters in Sociology. Her thesis is called “Exodus & Homecoming, the Flight and Return of the Danish Jews, 1943-1945, a Case-study in national habitus”.

Marjorie MuyrongMarjorie Muyrong

Marjorie Muyrong is a PhD Sociology candidate under the Social Inquiry Department. Her thesis topic asks whether nationalism has impacts on growth and development outcomes using a mixed-methods approach that combines quantitative analyses with qualitative methods.

Rosie-Jean JonesRosie-Jean Jones

Rosie-Jean Jones is a Graduate Researcher in the department of Social Inquiry. Her research focuses on the sociology of death and dying where she examines the practicalities, limitations and futures of bodily dispersal and disposal in Australian cities.

Yiping XingYiping Xing

Yiping Xing is currently a PhD student from Anthropology department. Her research focus is intergenerational relationships in recent Chinese migrant families in Australia