Himalaya Research Day

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Showcasing La Trobe's Himalaya Researchers

Friday 20 July 2018 09:00 am until Friday 20 July 2018 05:00 pm (Add to calendar)
La Trobe Asia
9479 5513; asia@latrobe.edu.au
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La Trobe Asia
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Current Student: Undergraduate; Current Student: Postgraduate; Seminar/Workshop/Training

The Himalaya straddle multiple cultures and countries and, geopolitically speaking, form one of the world's most important regions. As an arena of border disputes between nuclear powers, and as a source of forty-five percent of humankind's freshwater needs, Himalayan realities are as diverse as they are critical.

This day-long seminar will bring together those at the University whose research relates to the Himalayan region to discuss key themes; such as the changing landscape of the Himalaya in the face of development and climate change, and the implications for Australia's relationships with key regional players such as India and China. It is intended that this seminar be the first of many in a series aimed at strengthening awareness of the potential for, and the fostering of cross-discipline collaboration. Future opportunities to showcase this work to a wider audience are also a possibility.

The day will include three themed sessions of short talks (10 minutes, 5 slides) followed by structured discussion, with participants providing high-level summaries of their work in order to facilitate interdisciplinary connections and potential collaborations. The themes we propose are: 1) changing landscapes; 2) challenges and opportunities; and 3) future climates.

Changing Landscapes

Talks in this session will discuss the current state of affairs in various locations in the Himalaya, and the backstories of how these situations developed. This will include a discussion of cultural, political and physical landscapes.

Challenges and Opportunities

The Himalaya present a challenging environment, but there are also important opportunities in this region. Talks in this session will look at regional challenges and opportunities, and the role Australia can play in navigating this terrain.

Future Climates

With global warming, rapid urbanisation and unchecked development presenting a new set of challenges for the Himalayan region, this session will discuss what the future holds for the region's political, cultural and ecological climate.

A copy of the program can be downloaded here [PDF 150KB]

This event is organised by Lauren Gawne, Ruth Gamble, Alex Davis and Gerald Roche.

Please note this seminar is for La Trobe academics with a research interest in the Himalayan region - please email La Trobe Asia should you wish to participate.


Viz Lab, Research Commons

Level 2, Borchardt Library, La Trobe University, 3086



17th Feb 2019 11:32am

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