Gratitude, resilience and mental wellbeing

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In this seminar, the positive impact of gratitude on mental and physical wellbeing will be explored.

Wednesday 02 December 2020 05:00 pm until Wednesday 02 December 2020 06:00 pm (Add to calendar)
Professor Meg Morris, ARCH
Presented by:
Professor Ernst Bohlmeijer, Dr Noortje Kloos
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Health/wellbeing/lifestyle; Public Lecture; Seminar/Workshop/Training

Gratitude is one of the most studied topics in the domain of positive psychology. It is the appreciation of the good in one's life and goodness of others. Gratitude has been found to be associated with mental and physical health. Potential mechanisms are an increase of positive emotions, a decrease of rumination, improved relationships and increase of adaptive coping. A six-week intervention developed at the Twente University has been promising in promoting mental wellbeing. The effects were maintained at six months follow-up. This intervention is currently adapted into an app (Zo Erg Nog Niet; Not so bad). The effects of the app will be examined in a trial with people struggling with the consequences of the Covid-19 crisis in one way or another.

This event will be presented by Professor Ernst Bohlmeijer and Dr Noortje Kloos.

Ernst Bohlmeijer graduated in 2007 on the effects of life-review on depression in older adults. Since 2007 he worked as an Associate Professor and since 2011 as full Professor at the Department of Psychology, Health & Technology at the Faculty of Behavioural Sciences at Twente University. His research comprises topics such as: 1) flourishing and well-being in the general population and their relationship with psychopathology and 2) the evaluation of positive psychology interventions (including compassion and acceptance and commitment) in various settings.

Dr Noortje Kloos defended her thesis on positive psychology in nursing homes in February 2020. Her work was centred around monitoring and improving the well-being of nursing staff and nursing home residents. As a postdoc, she is currently involved with the development and testing of a gratitude application intervention. Planning is underway for a postdoctoral visit at La Trobe as a collaborating researcher within the SNM Ageing Research Team and Austin ARCH in 2021 (pending pandemic developments).

For more information please contact Professor David Edvardsson or Professor Meg Morris.




21st Oct 2020 10:03am

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