Fighting Fake News in a time of COVID-19

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A La Trobe Asia / Asia Centre online event

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Tuesday 16 March 2021 06:00 pm until Tuesday 16 March 2021 07:30 pm (Add to calendar)
La Trobe Asia
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La Trobe Asia / Asia Centre
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Public Lecture; Public

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted how the spread of fake news and misinformation online – even if shared without malicious intent – can weaken global public health efforts, contribute to social unrest and lead to real-life harms or even death.

In the Asia Pacific, Singapore and Indonesia are among the early adopters of fake news laws to crack down on the pernicious problem of online misinformation and disinformation. These laws aim to address COVID-19 misinformation and the real-world violence and hate speech aimed at minority and religious groups, but internet and human rights experts fear the laws are also open to political misuse.

A landmark report from La Trobe University details the harm caused by online misinformation, how it is being regulated in some countries, and how it might be tackled.
The launch of the report Fighting Fake News: A study of online misinformation regulation in the Asia Pacific

A La Trobe Asia / Asia Centre event.


  • Associate Professor Andrea Carson, Journalism, La Trobe University
  • Dr James Gomez, Regional Director, Asia Centre
  • Kristen Han, Singapore-based journalist and activist
  • Associate Professor Dirk Tomsa, Politics, La Trobe University


Dr Bec Strating, Executive Director, La Trobe Asia



26th Sep 2021 12:48am

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