Families and Trauma Work: Integrating Key Ideas from Individual & Systemic Practice

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Sunset landscape This 2-day course, presented by The Bouverie Centre, integrates theoretical and practical ideas from both individually oriented and systemic approaches when working with families and individuals where there has been trauma.

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Tuesday 03 May 2022 09:30 am until Tuesday 10 May 2022 04:00 pm (Add to calendar)
The Bouverie Centre
Presented by:
Robyn Elliott and Colleen Cousins, The Bouverie Centre
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Seminar/Workshop/Training; Public
$440 (GST incl)

Working with families and individuals where there has been trauma can present considerable challenges as our usual therapeutic processes may be interrupted by the intrapersonal and interpersonal impacts of the trauma.

This 2-day live-stream course presents an integration of theoretical and practical ideas from both individually oriented and systemic approaches: Systems theory, neurophysiology, Attachment theory and Internal Family Systems therapy. Useful features of each of these frameworks will be presented and then integrated into a comprehensive approach for trauma informed assessment and intervention applicable to different phases of therapeutic engagement. Specific focus will be given to culture and diversity, and therapist self-care as well as the potential contribution of ‘single session’ principles to service delivery.

The course will include didactic and practical components to build integration of theory and skill. Your work contexts will inform the clinical material used in discussion and roleplay demonstration (i.e. alcohol and other drugs, family violence, mental health).


3 and 10 May 2022


9.30am to 4.00pm (AEST)

Suitable for

This course will be most useful for those with a therapeutic role in working with families impacted by trauma (where there has been trauma). It may also benefit a range of other professionals working with individuals or families where trauma is a key organising factor in clients’ presentation. Psychologists, social workers, mental health workers, youth workers, drug and alcohol workers, psychiatric nurses, child protection workers, and those working in the areas of justice and homelessness are encouraged to attend.

Course benefits

On completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Articulate important and useful features of a Systems approach, trauma related neurophysiology, Attachment theory and Internal Family Systems therapy
  • Assess how the impacts of trauma may be interfering with the therapeutic process, including how to integrate trauma informed history-taking
  • Develop appropriate systemic interventions based on a trauma informed assessment
  • Create and maintain engagement with clients while addressing difficult issues
  • Utilise Single Session principles as they can apply to trauma-informed practice
What you can expect
  • Subject experts exploring the theoretical and practical frameworks
  • Small group activities to ensure the workshop material is relevant to you and to your specific work context
  • Discussions of case examples
  • Implementation guides to help you put your knowledge to practice
  • A collection of relevant readings
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30th Jun 2022 3:10pm

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